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Vacation Owners

Make the most of your Vacation Ownership

Vacation Ownership Benefits

With Spinnaker Resorts, vacation ownership offers you three major benefits; financial, health and lifestyle. With a Spinnaker vacation you're secure in knowing that your vacation property will be there and ready for you each time you arrive. You have all the benefits of a second home, and vacations are turnkey. Owning a Spinnaker vacation gives you flexibility, and so much more.

  • Enjoy the health benefits of vacationing regularly...

    • Vacationing regularly helps you maintain good physical health and good relationships with spouses and family.
    • Your vacations are paid for, which helps ensure that you take them..
    • Friendships and tight-knit vacation communities develop when owners return to their home resort year after year to reconnect with their friends.

    This Conde Nast article (PDF) explains why vacations are important for our overall health and well being, particularly during stressful times.

  • Enjoy space and privacy...

    • Condominium style accommodations provide ample space for enjoyment. At Spinnaker, most units have spacious kitchen areas, private bedroom and bathroom areas; separate living and dining areas and walk outs to private balconies or decks. There is room for you, your family, and/or friends to spread out and relax.

    Expect resort-like amenities...

    • Enjoy more on-site amenities and privileges at most timeshare resorts vs. what's available at hotels. Pools, children's pools, hot tubs, outdoor BBQ areas, Activities programs and in some cases golf and tennis privileges are common Spinnaker features that enhance your overall vacation experience.

    Enjoy vacation flexibility...

    • Decide when and where you'd like to vacation. As vacation needs change over time, you can customize your vacations accordingly. If you purchase "float" vacation time, you can vacation anytime within that block of time.
    • Owner / Members of Spinnaker Flexible Ownership (SFO) can choose to vacation at any of three Hilton Head locations, and each year can plan their vacations when they want them.
    • Spinnaker Premier Members can purchase vacation time at any of the three Premier properties and exchange to either of the other two participating Premier properties.
  • Your Next Vacation Could Save Your Life

    Research suggests that vacations can reduce the risk of heart disease, depression, and a host of other ills - and even slow the aging process.

    Choose a resort or cruise over a cabin in the woods: We might crave time alone, but making new acquaintances has been shown to increase the restorative power of a vacation. So go ahead and attend the manager's cocktail party - it's good for you.

    Keep it warm and light: We don't need scientific research to figure this one out, but studies confirm that, in general, staying in a sunny destination provides greater health benefits than staying in one that has shorter days.

  • Save on future expenses...

    You'll will save money by paying upfront for future vacations - thereby hedging against inflation. With Spinnaker, you have the additional value of deeded ownership allowing for ownership transfer to family.

    What the experts say about vacation ownership

    • It's like paying for tomorrow's vacation with today's dollars. - The Wall Street Journal
    • The advantage of vacation ownership is that you...largely protect yourself against ever-spiraling vacation resort costs...and eliminate problems with reservations. - The Los Angeles Times
    • One of its main advantages is that it's inflation proof. - Merrill Lynch

Benefits of Ownership


We know you have many financial commitments, so we’ve made exceptional vacations financially accessible. Why stay at hotels when you can spread out in your own vacation villa and enjoy the benefits of your own cooking and space to truly relax?

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