Guest Services Agent


The Guest Services Agent will always deliver outstanding customer service to our owners and guests. This position is responsible for upholding our company’s standards and best practices. These responsibilities include providing meaningful and positive interactions with our owners and guests over the telephone, during the check-in process, throughout the duration of their stay and finally to the conclusion during the check-out process.



  1. Participates in the daily operations of the Front Desk, including but not limited to: completing the front desk check-list, answering all phone calls, checking guests in and out, and creating positive and meaningful interactions with all of our owners and guests.
  2. Knows the general roles and responsibilities of Corporate departments, Managers and Directors.
  3. Supports our company’s “guest service approach” by ensuring that guests who are on the wait list for early check-in are called promptly.
  4. Follows all ADA rules as they pertain to service animals.
  5. Provides detailed work orders through HotSOS, along with following-up with all guests requiring this service promptly.
  6. Ensures the safety and security for all of our owners and guests.
  7. Ensures that all cash is secure at the Front Desk.
  8. Ensures that package handling and check requests are done following proper protocols and procedures.
  9. Has knowledge of the RCI and II exchange process, ownership, inventory and rental types to include 3rd party intermediaries, along with booking rules and processes in order to better assist our owners and guests.
  10. Provide constant communication with the Marketing team with regards to tour guests who experience any issues.
  11. Have complete understanding of Golf privileges.
  12. Communicate clearly and precisely with both owners and guests and interdepartmentally.
  13. Be informative and suggestive with good local area knowledge and general information about our properties.
  14. Accurately check-in guests and provide them with a positive start to their vacation experience.
  15. Post payments to guest folios, ensuring that the guests have paid for their stay prior to checking in, confirm that all assessment dues are collected and obtain appropriate authorizations for incidentals as needed.
  16. Give a professional and warm farewell to our guests during the check-out process.


  1. Must possess a High School Diploma or GED.
  2. Neat clean appearance.
  3. Must possess a warm, welcoming, friendly and outgoing personality.
  4. Demonstrated proficiency in MS Office (Word/Excel/Outlook).
  5. Must possess excellent Verbal and written communication skills for interaction with owners, guests, vendors, employees, and the general public, using tact and poise.
  6. Follows directions with accuracy and must possess a positive attitude.
  7. Must have morning, afternoon, evening, weekday and weekend availability.
  8. Ability to work overtime as requested.


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