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Zip lining …Through The Eyes (and Adrenaline) Of The FUN team

I’m not located in Branson, but I’ve heard rumors of a fantastic zip line through the Ozarks. I was intrigued when I saw photos of our Branson FUN Team’s (Spinnaker’s Branson Recreation Department) flying through the sky, high above the mountain valleys so I wanted to know more. 

I thought I would send a Q & A to these masters of fun.  Mitch, Ashlie, Annette and Ashley are your FUN team and they are committed to making sure you have your quota of fun (or at least provide you with an atmosphere of fun) when you stay at one of our resorts in Branson.  If you’ve stayed at a Branson Spinnaker property, you’ve probably come into contact with one or all of them.

Here are some of their Zip line insights

Question 1: Have you been zip lining before?
Mitch and Annette: No
Ashlie: Yes all the time!  My family has a zip line at our lake home, so I go zip lining quite often!
Ashley: Yes, in Jamaica and in Mexico

Question 2 : Were you scared prior to take-off?
Ashlie: To be honest yes, I am not a big fan of heights so I was actually really nervous when I realized how high up the zip lines were located.  Once you get on the first zip line and they send you across all fear was gone! I didn’t want to get off.  It was amazing!
Annette: Yes, but loved all the safety gear

Question 3: What was the most thrilling part of the zip line experience?
Ashley: The take-off.  AAAAHHHHH!
Ashlie: When I stood on the small platform and jumped off to glide across to the other side. It was such a great experience witnessing the view of the Ozark Mountains while gliding across the trees.
Annette: Smooth, gentle, the delight of being up high and moving

Question 4: What were you able to see that made the view memorable?
Mitch: The rolling hills
Ashlie: The amazing sun setting and the beautiful view of the Ozark Mountains.  I felt like I was in a fairy tale!
Ashley: The rolling mountains of the Ozarks were gorgeous!

Question 5: Would you go again?
(A resounding YES! from the whole group)

Question 6: Any comedic moments or other anecdotes to share from your zip lining experience?
Ashlie and Annette: It was a great bonding experience. 
Ashlie added: I absolutely love my staff!
Ashley: I got stuck in the middle of the zip line and the guide had to come out and rescue me!  Whoops!

Question 7: If you could choose anywhere you’d like to zip line (whether they have one there or not), where would it be? 
Mitch: Amazon jungle
Ashlie: I would absolutely love to go zip lining in Hawaii or anywhere I can have the amazing view of the ocean.
Ashley: I’d try anywhere… maybe the moon. (Hmm – I guess it’s good to dream…)

Question 8: Have you spoken to Spinnaker owners or guests about the local zip lining experience?
Ashlie: Yes, all the time!  I show them pictures of our experience and tell them how much of a thrill it was. 
Annette: Yes, encouraged them to go for it!
Ashley: All the time. I recommend it constantly.

Any last words about your zip line experience?
Annette: Crossed one off the bucket list!!!

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