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Wintry Southern Fun

January on Hilton Head Island brings colder temperatures than we see the rest of the calendar year. While the temperatures may be milder on our island than your neck of the woods come wintertime, you may opt out of some Hilton Head vacation activities due to the brisker-than-usual temperatures. Never fear, there’s still plenty of entertaining qualities to our island!

Cooler weather on Hilton Head Island doesn’t mean the fun has to come to a halt! It doesn’t even mean outdoor fun has to cease. That probably depends on you. If you’re from up North, you may be scoffing at us Southerners’ weak appetite for cool air. Yes, yes we’ve heard the stories of walking to school barefoot in the snow for miles but our blood is thinner here. At least that’s what we like to tell y’all when we need a reason to shuddering and plea to stay indoors in these frightful wintry weather conditions.

So what is there to do on Hilton Head in the winter? If you enjoy the cooler temps that January and February provide – then this makes for excellent golf weather! You won’t have the same crowd you’d have in the summertime which’ll make tee times easier to get. You can also play the holes at a more leisurely pace. Golf fashions tend to lend themselves well to V-neck sweaters and long pants – so bring out your golf best and strut it on the green.

Hilton Head Island is home to over 100 miles of paved terrain allocated for bicycles and shared pathways, not to mention 12 miles of hard packed sandy beach! There are over 10,000 bike racks ready to park your bicycle when you take a break to voraciously quell your appetite at one of the island’s exceptional restaurants. If looking for an off-island bicycling adventure, the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge lies at the foot of Hilton Head – just as the island bridge dips to a small expanse of land before rising again to take you to the mainland. Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge is a 4,053 acre refuge with a diverse population of birds and plant life can be found on the refuge such as white ibis, neo-tropical migrant birds, herons, egrets and white-tailed deer. It’s very well worth the visit!

While we’re on the subject of food – fall and winter provide ample opportunity to enjoy one of the Lowcountry’s seafood delicacies as fresh as they come! Locally harvested oysters! There’s more than one location to acquire local oysters. Bluffton, South Carolina is home to a family run oyster company that’s been in business since 1899! The Bluffton Oyster Company is built overtop of the discarded shells from previous shucking operations over the last 100 years plus. The oysters are pulled from the May River, consisting of a mixture of salt and fresh water which makes for an extraordinarily succulent and sweet oyster. They will even package crabs, mussels, oysters, etc. for you in a cooler on ice for you to take home from vacation. Where else are centuries of local history crunching beneath your feet as you carry your pot of steamy fresh oysters to the table to shuck and eat? Outdoor oyster-serving restaurants provide classic Lowcountry ambiance with steaming oysters, winsome live music, the company of other sojourners and locals all while cheeks turn rosy from the glowing warmth of a fire pit as its crackling flames flick upwards towards the night sky.

You may be more cold-blooded like myself. There’s still a plethora of choices of things to do on Hilton Head Island indoors! Have you checked out the Coligny Theatre in Coligny Plaza? Coligny Theatre is a single-screen cinema that features independant and art-house films. Or how about taking in one of the performances at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina on Hilton Head Island? The Arts Center brings in some phenomenal acts from one-night showcases like the Martha Graham Dance Company and Pianist Peter Nero to month long musicals and play performances such as Gypsy, Hairspray and Lend Me A Tenor.

The hands-on creative type will not be disappointed in the cooler weather fun! The wine and painting combo seems to be all the buzz lately (pun intended). No worries! Bluffton, South Carolina has a Wine & Design spot offering various classes throughout the week such as Sunset Coast, Bull Island Driftwood and Open Studio sessions. And for the kiddies there are various weekend kids painting classes (minus the wine). The Art Café on Hilton Head is another winter weather option for the hands-on artsy type. Painting pottery pieces using your own flair can make a perfect one-of-a-kind keepsake.

So when you head to Hilton Head for a vacation at a Spinnaker Resorts property during the late fall or winter months, you’re in for an awesome time regardless of bone-chilling below zero temperatures of our subtropics. (Now you’ve GOT to know I was kidding there with that one!) Be sure to keep checking our Planning Your Stay landing page on the Spinnaker Resorts website for Activities, Events and general Hilton Head Island information to aid you in planning your stay. Now, hurry on up and come see us!

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