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Winter Weather in Paradise – It’s a Matter of Perspective!

It is a Tuesday morning. My laptop is open on my lap as I sit on one of the comfy leather couches in the lobby of the S.R Hotel. Behind me I hear the drone of a front desk agent on the phone and the patter of feet leaving The Fitness Center. In front of me through the glass panels, the sky is clear. A beautiful blue provides a picturesque backdrop for the green palmettos standing tall above the rooftop of the B building. The sun gleams on the white balconies overlooking the pond that lies between me and the hotel beyond. Spanish moss and palm fronds sway in the January breeze.

Last week a viral photo of a car that had become a solid block of ice parked by Lake Eire was circulating social media and news outlets. The image was stunning! The NFL wildcard playoff game two weekends ago between the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings in sub-zero Minnesota conditions shattered the famous Vikings Gjallarhorn, an iconic symbol of the Norse name roots of the professional football team. Yesterday over two dozen cars slid off the ice covered roads in Branson West in Missouri. The Northeast is currently bracing for a winter storm of blizzard conditions.

This morning I bundled my fifth grader up in double jackets and long sleeves to take the bus. I worry about his few minutes huddled on frost bitten ground waiting on its arrival, and soccer practice tonight after the sun sets. I shuddered at the thought of having to venture from the house to the car in the winter conditions here in Hilton Head Island area. If you are reading this from a northern state, I reckon that you are not feeling much sympathy for me!

Winter on Hilton Head Island cannot be described as brutal by any standard, not even by me with my very limited grasp of a true winter! How incredibly fortunate I am to be sitting here looking out over the blue sky and palmetto trees and pond draped in the bright sun. The air has a biting edge to it, but its beauty and tropical landscape cannot be mistaken!

We islanders are surrounded by this beauty. One of my favorite scenes is driving over the Cross Island Expressway bridge that connects to and from Palmetto Bay Road on the South End of Hilton Head. Sailboats and leisure boats dot the water below on both sides of the Intracoastal Waterway. Given the hairy scenes out of so much of the country this time of year, give me our island’s January – teeth chattering in sub-tropical “bitter” cold. Who would like to join me in my winter pain?

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