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Why Ormond Beach?

Ormond Beach, Florida is a bustling beach town right on the outskirts of Daytona Beach that holds its own quite well!  I have visited our Spinnaker Resorts properties in Ormond Beach and can sing its praises myself. 

I still would be considered very much a tourist to the scene, so I thought it would be awesome to get the local employees from our Ormond Beach Spinnaker properties to tell me what drew them to the area.  I asked three questions. The first one is geared more to the “transplant” – someone who has moved to the area.

Q: Why did you move to the area?

A: I moved to the area seventeen years ago, studying hospitality in college. This followed a move by my mother and me to the USA from Kenya, East Africa. – Alexis B., Resort General Manager (from Kenya, East Africa)

A: Seeking sunshine, my family relocated from the Pacific Northwest to the Florida Keys when I was 15. – Echo H., Administrative Assistant (from Portland, OR)

A: After a vacation at Disney in February 1986, my parents moved us from New York to Florida in October 1987. They chose this area because it is central to all of the things to do in Central Florida: the Orlando area theme parks, the beach, St. Augustine, Daytona International Speedway and Kennedy Space Center. – Kelly H., Front Desk Manager (from Stony Point, NY)

A: I moved to Ormond Beach because of the location and small town family atmosphere it offers. Of course, also the beautiful beaches! – Joanne L., Sales (from St. Augustine, FL)

Q: What attracted you to the area?

A: Growing up as a kid I often found myself fishing, surfing and exploring riverbanks and tributaries. As an adult I chose to remain in the area as it offers many unique Florida features, attractions and local events that are not found anywhere else. Many of these attractions such as local springs, parks and theme parks are only a short drive away and provide plenty of entertainment and outdoor activities. While several of these attractions are widely known, many are often overlooked and off the beaten path. I especially enjoy continuing to share my firsthand knowledge of our areas hidden gems and best kept secrets with my children as they grow up. – Travis M., Marketing and Rental Coordinator (local native)

A: The Atlantic Ocean and the abundance of natural beauty full of wildlife that surrounds us. – Linda W., Sales (from Abilene, TX)

Q: What do you like best about the area?

A: The residential “small town” atmosphere. I was born and raised in New Smyrna Beach and plan on residing and raising my family here for years to come. – Lee O., Sales (from New Smyrna Beach, FL)

A: After only six months in Ormond Beach, I find that what I like best about the area are the peaceful sounds of the ocean. It’s so relaxing in what can be a hectic world! I also feel truly blessed when I see dolphins playing or riding the waves. Their beauty reminds me of how little things in life mean so much to families. – Teresa W., Sales (from Columbus, IN)

A: I love the Ormond Beach area because for 8 months of the year it has a similar climate to what I grew up in. The beach, outdoor activities and climate is what keeps me in the area. – Alexis B., Resort General Manager (from Kenya, East Africa)

A: Born and raised here. Daytona offers a myriad of opportunity. We’re less than an hour away from all attractions, events year round, the beach of course… Simply put it’s an area that offers something for everyone. – Chris S., Sales (local native)

A: I was born and raised in a historical part of Daytona Beach just steps from the Halifax River. Looking back I can still picture my childhood street situated under a canopy of huge Live Oak trees draped in Spanish moss. Under the trees sat many large two-story houses that had wrap-around porches which clearly were from an earlier time. – Travis M., Marketing and Rental Coordinator (local native)

A: I love kayaking and swimming at our freshwater springs, biking on our forestry trails and walking my dog anywhere. – Echo H., Administrative Assistant (from Portland, OR)

A: This area offers a lot of beautiful beaches and historic towns (St. Augustine, Flagler Beach, Daytona, Ponce Inlet…etc.). – Justin, Sales (from Wilmington, DE)

A: The Ormond Beach area is amazing in its variety of outdoor recreation. There’s great biking, fishing, boating, surfing and swimming all around us. Just in our county are 37 miles of beaches and varied state parks. We also have world famous special events including car shows, air shows, motorcycle events, NASCAR stock car races and more. Plus, the world’s most popular theme parks are only 45 minutes away! It’s just a fun, beautiful place to live with a great quality of life! – Claude H., Sales (from Schenectady, NY)

And there we have it! You have now heard directly from some Spinnaker employees at our Ormond Beach locations as to why they were drawn to the area or choose to remain there. I personally enjoy seeing such passionate enthusiasm about living in Ormond Beach, Florida. It is a great place to vacation and these folks get to call it home 365 days a year!

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