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Why Hilton Head?

When I think of Hilton Head, I think of sun-kissed skin, the sounds of waves and seagulls and vacationers everywhere! Hilton Head is synonymous with vacation to me. I say that as an understood knowledge but it’s hard to get in the mind of a “transplant”.

I was born locally to a northern mother and southern father who moved here in 1969 for a job opportunity for my father. I decided to ask around the Spinnaker Resort office on Hilton Head to get some answers as to why others have chosen to live on Hilton Head Island.

Q: Why did you move to the area?

A: This Brooklyn, New York boy first visited Hilton Head Island in 1978. My brother was transferred to the island by his employer. I fell in love with the island’s southern charm, proximity to a variety of sports venues and the relaxing “laid back” attitude of the island’s locals. Now I’m one of them! Living the dream. – Joe S., Collections Specialist (from Brooklyn, NY)

A: It’s an island for goodness sake.  Who HASN’T at one time or another wanted to live on an island? – John C., Corporate Director of Quality Assurance (from Caroleen, NC)

A: I HATE SNOW!!! Let me repeat: I HATE SNOW!!! I truly feel my geographic location was an accident of my birth. I have never related to, nor found any joy in anything North/Midwestern. I can’t stand fields of corn and potatoes as the “view from my picture window”. I detest anything to do with hunting and eating fresh water fish. I have driven a convertible my entire life no matter how high the snow drifts were. I used to wear shorts with my winter boots while in college in Central Michigan. Need I go on? Oh, and one more thing… I hate snow… – Marci-Anne L., Director of Recreation (from Saranac, MI)

A: I had never heard of Hilton Head, SC until my husband decided to purchase a business here almost 23 years ago. – Kathy L., Director of Sales & Marketing for Rentals (from Alexandria, VA)

Q: What attracted you to the area?

A: Being from Pittsburg the weather was the number one reason for moving to Hilton Head Island. We also vacationed here every summer while I was growing up so I have a lot of childhood memories of Hilton Head. – Bryan B., Regional IT Director (from Pittsburg, PA)

A: The culture. – Carlos H., Sales (from Miami, FL)

A: I ended up living here after college because my parents are here. There are a lot of job opportunities in restaurants and that’s the experience I had. – Sally S., Reservations Specialist (native local)

A: It seemed like a relaxing area. I have always wanted to live in the South. – Tim J., Sales Customer Service (from San Jose, CA)

A: Fell in love with the Lowcountry during a visit during college.  My family had moved to Columbia, SC a few years before so I had no hard connections left in Kentucky.  Close enough to home to make a visit easy, not so close that I’d see my family every day. – David H., Manager of Verifications (from Paducah, KY)

A: After doing research, I was excited to be coming to an island right on the ocean.I was attracted by its natural appearance and the lighthouse at Sea Pines. – Kathy L., Director of Sales & Marketing for Rentals (from Alexandria, VA)

Q: What do you like best about the area?

A: Besides the ocean, I enjoy being in close proximity to Savannah, Tybee Island and Charleston. – David M., Corporate Helpdesk Manager (from Greenville, SC)

A: I love the beach for walking or running. I feel like I’m breathing the freshest air possible and the beach goes on for miles! There’s always something to watch – from sandpipers and gulls, kite-surfers, dolphins, to very happy dogs with their owners. Different lighting and weather provide a different experience every time. – Christine T., Executive Director (from Toronto, ON)

A: The tranquility of the island. Also, I like the fact that everything is so convenient to get to on the island, but yet you don’t feel like you are too close to your neighbors. – John C., Corporate Director of Quality Assurance (from Caroleen, NC)

A: The extensive history of the area. You can feel the history pulsating everywhere you turn, waiting for you to discover it and share its story. Actually, I have found that even more than the history, the natural beauty is what has bewitched me most. It makes me feel that this is indeed the true home my soul was looking for. From the glow of the first morning’s rays upon a Spanish moss draped oak tree, to the evening glow of the Spartina grasses in the marshes, I am totally captivated and could not imagine living anywhere in the world, but the Lowcountry. – Marci-Anne L., Director of Recreation (from Saranac, MI)

A: The mild climate. The availability of water related activities. – Bill Y., Loan Administration and Collections Manager (from Whitmire, SC)

A: I moved to SC about a year and a half ago from West Palm Beach FL. There are so many things that are great about the area, which is why I am so happy to be here. If I had to pick I would say the proximity to the beautiful beaches, in my opinion Hilton Head has some of the best beaches for families to enjoy. – Shaunna M., Sales Customer Service (from Reno, NV)

A: Golf and the beach. Everything you need here! – John R., Sales Customer Service (from Galesburg, IL)

A: I really like being able to ride my bike to the beach or to work when it’s nice which is most of the time. I like the weather a lot. Temperatures are usually mild, but we still have seasons, which I really like. I also stay here because I like my job.  – Sally S., Reservations Specialist (native local)

A: After being here for many years I have watched the island and Bluffton grow and there is always something to do like the farmers markets and the new shops in Bluffton.  We are also so close to Savannah and Beaufort with all its history. – Kathy L., Director of Sales & Marketing for Rentals (from Alexandria, VA)

A: The family atmosphere and the island feel. – Adam S., Verifications Officer (from Long Island, NY)

A: The best thing I like about this area is the weather it is always nice even on rainy days plus the beach is awesome. – Tim J., Sales Customer Service (from San Jose, CA)

There are no surprises that even our employees find the mild climate and beach to be important factors in what attracted them and kept them local to Hilton Head Island. I found out in doing my research with my fellow employees that several had visited Hilton Head on vacation prior to moving to the island! I cannot say as to why I moved to the area as I too am a native local… but I agree with each of the answers given above.  We’re all ardent fans of our location. What makes Hilton Head Island unique and special is what we love!

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