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Why Branson?

Branson is a city chock-full of entertainment surrounded by majestic displays of nature like the Ozark Mountains. I know our Branson Spinnaker Resorts vacation owners agree that Branson is a fantastic place to vacation, but what about the fellas and gals that work for Spinnaker Resorts in Branson?

What do they think about Branson, Missouri?  I thought I would ask some of the employees in Branson to tell me in their own words.

The first question that was asked applied more to the “transplants” or people who came from other places around the country.

Q: What attracted you to the area?

A: Beautiful scenery and lakes, a booming economy with lots of job opportunities. This was in 1993 during the big boom.  – Adam H., Maintenance Supervisor (from Amarillo, TX)

(Throughout the 1990s, Branson saw tremendous growth as the area catapulted into the #2 position in the country for tourism second only to Orlando, Florida. Performers, visitors, developers and new residents came in droves to the area. Thus theaters, hotels and other lodging including resorts, shopping malls, housing, healthcare facilities and other businesses grew proportionally as well.)

A: The scenery. We moved here from Tucson, Arizona where it tends to get a little… well, brown and dusty. It’s nice to see a tree that doesn’t have thorns ready to stab you or a tumbleweed blow past in the dry air! – Billy H., Assistant Resort General Manager (moved from Tucson, AZ)

A: A girl. – John S., Manager of Branson Premier Tickets (from Pawhuska, OK)

Q: Why did you move to the area?

A: Our initial move to the area was in 1993. It was a career/business opportunity to be part of my wife’s family hotel business. – Scott W., Resort General Manager (from Decorah, IA)

A: We moved to Branson so my wife could continue her career as a dancer and choreographer. My wife Dasa is the Choreographer/Lead Dancer for the Andy Williams Theatre in Branson. – Billy H., Assistant Resort General Manager (moved from Tucson, AZ)

Q: What do you like best about the area?

A: I grew up just 30 minutes south of Branson and have watched Branson grow from a small sleepy town into what it is today. My uncle was an original band member of the Presley’s – Branson’s first live music theater. I have many fond memories of summers spent at Table Rock Lake and Silver Dollar City. I also love the area for its God and Country values – something that is not so easy to find these days. I have lived overseas, in 5 different states, and in 7 different cities with populations ranging from 400 to millions, but nothing comes close to what Branson offers.  – Susan C., Administrative Assistant (from Harrison, AR)

A: The plethora of entertainment here! There are opportunities to be involved in different avenues of entertainment. There are four distinct seasons. Plenty of outdoor possibilities like lakes, camping, hiking, and sightseeing. – John S., Manager of Branson Premier Tickets (from Pawhuska, OK)

A: It’s such a great place to live with Branson having four very distinct seasons! The lakes here can be as beautiful in snow as they are on warm summer days. It is such a privilege to live in an area where people come from all over the world to have fun and vacation. – Bob P., Front Desk Team Member (from Dallas, TX)

A: What I like best about Branson is the fall season. It’s such a beautiful place! The changing of the leaves is amazing. – Jamee A., Activations (from Ripon, CA)

A: The Branson, Ozark Mountains, Tri-Lakes area provides diversity not available in many Midwest communities. The area provides for reasonable cost of living, below average crime and exceedingly well funded public schools. Major Midwest cities, professional sports teams, and state universities are within less than a 4-hour drive from Branson. The area has higher than average employment opportunities allowing for modest living. Most anytime you go to the grocery store you are likely to run into someone you know – Branson is a small feel community with big opportunities. – Scott W., Resort General Manager (from Decorah, IA)

A: I love the Branson area primarily for its scenic beauty –its lakes, woodlands and rolling hills. There are plenty of outdoor things to do from swimming, boating and canoeing to hiking, ziplining and horseback riding. The added bonus of the area is the fact that there are now so many amenities from shopping and restaurants to attractions and shows. – Susan C., Administrative Assistant (from Harrison, AR)

A: It’s a great place to raise kids – good school system, plenty of parks, etc. – Adam H., Maintenance Supervisor (from Amarillo, TX)

A: Branson has the small town atmosphere with the big town attractions. I like raising my kids in the Midwest and in a vacation town. We have 2 pristine lakes, 7 golf courses and over 100 live shows and attractions all within a 7 mile drive from my house. It’s difficult to get bored here. – Billy H., Assistant Resort General Manager and moved (from Tucson, AZ)

Well friends, that wraps up the fun dialogue with some of our Bransonites sharing their reasons for what makes Branson so special to them.  Being from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina myself, and having never traveled to Branson, Missouri this back-and-forth with some of my fellow Spinnaker employees in Branson helped give me a better sense of why Branson and the Ozarks stir a passion in Branson locals and those who vacation there.

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