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What…your family doesn’t want another trip t-shirt?

So you are planning a trip to Branson. Planning a vacation away from home, away from your social network of family and friends, away from it all?

Well almost from it all… now your friends and family come out of the woodwork, badgering you for souvenirs and free stuff from your trip. “Bring me back something cool, something unusual, and something fun!” We all say, sure thing, and then spend time on our well earned vacation shopping for everyone we know. Phooey! Vacation time well wasted I say! Well, I feel it is my obligation and right to share some local advice that will save you time and money. A one stop shop if you will, for all your souvenirs and gifting needs. Why spend the time driving around Branson searching for that perfect store, for that gift your Uncle George will thank you for and not give you grief about for the next 5 years. How about pleasing Aunt Mae with something hard to find and even an item your nieces and nephews will go gaga for? “There is no such place, this imaginary store you speak of.” Oh no? Have you heard of Dicks 5 & 10?

Situated in Historic Old Downtown Branson, Dick’s 5 & 10 has been entertaining tourists and locals alike for the past 50 years. Opening their doors back in 1961, Dick’s has a little something for everyone, and I would bet my paycheck on that statement! Gifts, sewing notions, house wares, linens, crafts, hardware, toys and so much more. The store boasts over 50,000 different items and unique collections. This is old time shopping at its finest, before the large chain stores began to rule the world. Step back in time at Dick’s 5 & 10 and walk down the nostalgic candy aisles, find board games your grand parents grew up with, toys your parents played with and of course souvenirs for the entire family. Even Uncle George will be impressed with your finds.

Be warned though. I myself have spent no less than an hour and a half, every trip, walking the aisles and looking at the toys spinning overhead, the 1950’s memorabilia collections or just the plain weird and goofy items. If you have seen my past Blogs you know my children are typically referenced – here is no different. My children would prefer to visit Dicks 5 & 10 over Toys ‘r Us… that says it all!

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