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Twas The Night Before Vacation

Twas the night before vacation, and all I could see 
Were piles of clothes, like a year’s worth of laundry 
Socks were strewn about every kid’s room
Guess they forgot we need to leave by noon
The kids were not in bed, neither Johnny nor Sue
Too excited to sleep, for a vacation long overdue
I needed some shuteye, more than a few winks 
I’ve been dreaming for months of hitting the links
What was I forgetting, as I started to pack
Sunscreen, sunglasses, a book and a snack
What goes in the carry on versus the suitcase?
Better add a change of clothes, just in case
Swim suits, t-shirts, sandals and shorts 
Tennis shoes, rackets and balls for the courts
Got a new music playlist just for this trip
Brand new headphones to let my mind slip
I should check the weather, see what’s ahead
Blue skies and sun, grab a hat for my head
Blue jeans, khakis, black pants and brown
Grab a nicer shirt for a night on the town
Leave the ties behind, not on this excursion
I’m ready for casual days and coastal immersion
Leave the razor at home, start working on my beard 
Can’t wait for steak and lobster and tuna that’s seared
Check the appliances and turn off the heat
Arrange a pet sitter for our dog Pete
Pay the bills and put a hold on the mail 
Take out the trash, and set my “out of office” email
Set the alarm so we can hit the road early
Reservations confirmed, that’s everything surely
Whatever I forgot, I bet it won’t matter
I’ll be on vacation and my worries will scatter
Just one thing left before I go to bed
One little thing still stuck in my head
We may be delayed or experience bad weather 
But all that matters is that we’re together
Memories will be created, and maybe some life lessons
Experiences matter more than material possessions 
We must make time with family to get away
Don’t just think about it, make it happen today

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