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Top Activities For The Hopeless Romantic In Branson, MO

When is a kiss more than a kiss? That is for you to discover on your next trip to Branson, MO. Here are some great activities to embrace the hopeless romantic in you and share a smooch with your partner.

You can kiss your stomach goodbye on the multiple thrill rides in Branson, MO – along with your savings account if you’re not careful – or you can “kiss hello” with your sweetheart at some sweet spots while on your vacation. If you’re on a tight budget or just a romantic at heart, there are some fine locations to locate your lover’s lips for a special moment that won’t cause the other visitors to gasp at your sudden display of public affection.

Branson is not exactly known as the city of romance, but it sure does host countless newlyweds, anniversaries, and partners on a journey to enjoy life. The family-friendly entertainment mecca has some natural places to express that heartfelt lip lock and it won’t seem out of place and cause someone to turn the garden hose on the two of you.

Best Places to Embrace Your Romantic Side Indoors

There are a few do’s and don’ts if on a quest to quench that urge to smooch and the least of which is to understand that not everyone shares your enthusiasm in public; therefore, strive for a heartfelt smooch and not a “baby, oh baby” moment. After all, most partners know that you have the desire for them, but they may want to be shown that you just plum care and like to be with them in a soft moment.

There are a few places that naturally lend to the sweet smooch without the worry of being ostracized by the strictest of church ladies. Then there is one location where you might not have a choice. During intermission at the Haygoods Show, the camera crew is notorious for filming the audience on the big screens and encouraging some action on the “kiss cam.” If they zoom in on you, you better give your partner a peck or you’ll get peppered with boos. For this reason, stick close to your partner and avoid sitting next to blood family members – it’s too difficult to explain your apprehension to a thousand people if you don’t. (If you’re single, arrive early and if the person next to you is rather cute, be certain to strike up a conversation prior to the show and then lean into them during intermission. Then just hope for the best.)

Best Attractions for a Kiss

A few attractions have a nice spot for spontaneous smooching that just can’t be passed up. At the top of the grand staircase in the Titanic Museum is one of those. If your partner is a bit shy, remind him/her that it is the Titanic and this could be the last time….

Who can pass up a peck at the peak of the Ferris Wheel on 76? A nice hug and soft smooch are all that is needed, or you will have spent over $10 and missed the beautiful view.

A personal favorite for attraction-smacking would be at the bottom of the ball pit at the newest development, Beyond the Lens.


Steal a kiss at the newest attraction Beyond the Lens ball pit!

Yes, it’s mainly for kids to play in the pit; but if you and your partner jump in and wiggle to the bottom, it’s the right kind of silly for a lip reading – if you can find each other under there.

There is the Lost Mine Ride at Silver Dollar City – that has the little pistols to shoot targets as your boat saunters down the indoor river – and it is slow enough that you won’t chip teeth. Besides, you’re packing if he or she gets too fresh.

Best Places to Lock Lips Outdoors

For the outdoorsy types, or for those not willing to spend money on the shows/attractions, the scenic overview on Hwy 165 is quite nice at sunset. There are bound to be others there with the same idea in mind, so some hand holding and canoodling are expected if not encouraged.


A breathtaking scenic view of Branson from highway 165

Down that same stretch of road is the overview adjacent to the 252-foot-high Table Rock Dam. It’s the best place for mouth-merging by a dam site. At this same dam overview is a rock staircase that goes to a nature trail to nowhere – a goose and a smooch are both possible with some anonymity. You might be thinking that the Lake Side Wilderness Trails on Fall Creek Road is a good spot, but along the paths are lots of patches of poison ivy and you could lose your balance – so don’t risk it!  (Trust me….)

The ultimate view for two lovers to express their mutual admiration is a bit of a drive and a hike away. It’s a 69-mile drive and then a two-mile hike to Hawksbill Craig, aka Whitaker Point in Arkansas. This spot is home to arguably more wedding proposals than any spot in the Ozarks, so if you aren’t married to your partner-in-crime, you may find yourself about to be after experiencing this spectacular location.

There are plenty of honorable mentions in the Branson area for lip grazing; from the hiking trail and tower at Henning Conservation Area 30 seconds west on 76, to the fire and water show at the Branson Landing, or even the Top of the Rock south of town. Don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities!


Enjoy this amazing view at Hawksbill Craig (aka) Whitaker Point – Arkansas

Any of these locations are great places to indulge and you’ll know when it’s time — that subtle smirk your partner gives as you both rediscover that contentment that brought you together, to begin with. When you find yourself with a smile building within because of the person by your side, there really isn’t a bad location and it’s always the perfect moment for fancifully letting them know. Well, unless your light turned green on the strip and I’m sitting behind you in my car.


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