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Tips for Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

The Holidays are a time of the year when calories aren’t always counted and that extra “holiday weight” may show.  While it’s okay to indulge in the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving feast, or that juicy Christmas rib roast here are some different ways you can keep healthy through this coming Holiday season:
  1. Keep all of those tempting treats out of reach. 
  2. Keep your focus on quality time with family and friends.
  3. Use gravy and sauces sparingly (smaller proportions are everything).
  4. Continue to keep up with your exercise schedule.
  5. Don’t drink away your calories.
  6. Always add green vegetables to your plate.
  7. If you plan on having a large calorie dense meal, adjust your meals for the rest of the day to stay within a normal calorie count.
  8. Enjoy your food by eating slower.
  9. Continue to drink plenty of water. You should drink at least one to two glasses before your meal. 
  10. As always, eat in moderation and control portion size.
  11. Choose to indulge on foods that are a holiday tradition and not something you can eat all the time.
  12. Keep track of your sugar intake. 
  13. Try and avoid eating late at night (stop around 8 p.m.).
  14. Eat wheat or whole grain bread, instead of white bread. 
  15. Be careful of the small finger foods with high calories.
  16. Eat plenty of protein. It will help you stay full longer and avoid overeating later.
  17. Going to a party? Bring your own healthy side dish. 
  18. Enjoy a fiber-full vegetable platter.
  19. Watch out for the dip on the vegetable platter.
  20. Give yourself time to digest your food before getting seconds.
  21. Put the leftovers away sooner rather than later, so it’s not a temptation.
  22. Use whole grain flour or almond flour instead of white.
  23.  Limit food tasting while cooking.
  24. Continue to get all of your fruits and vegetables in each day. 


Follow all or most of these steps and you’ll continue to stay healthy and avoid weight gain through the Holiday season! If you need some extra help, come down to The Fitness Center and we will be there for you. Be sure to enjoy the time with your family and friends and have a great holiday season!


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