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The Best Fun Things to Do in Branson at Christmas Time

Grab your relatives and drag them to Branson during Christmas Season! Don’t get any ideas about leaving them in a crowded store with grumpy shoppers and then making a dash for home; drag them here to dazzle them with the Christmas spirit.

Silver Dollar City

The epitome of Christmas overload is Silver Dollar City. It is well on its way to being named for the fifth year in a row as the “Best Theme Park Holiday Event” by USA Today. The champion of down-home Christmas inspiration, Silver Dollar City is unmatched in décor and extravagance mixed with the good old days. As part of its An Old Time Christmas, the park has multiple shows, and two Broadway style shows: “Home for Christmas” and a completely restaged and rescored “A Dickens’ Christmas Carol”.



Check out A Dickens’ Christmas Carol show!


From specialty foods to parades and an eighty-foot performing Christmas tree to the theme park rides, Silver Dollar City is the city of Christmas. When you stroll through, be certain to have a walker or someone to hold you upright, because the millions of lights will have you twisting and gawking. When we say millions of lights in this park, we mean 6.5 million! A cozy retirement fund would be equivalent to the park’s monthly electric bill. Seriously, you won’t believe how this place can transform your senses.

O Christmas Trees, O Christmas Trees

The city of Branson has given itself a challenge to become America’s Christmas Tree City and for 2021, has over 700 colorful, unique, and creative trees in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Although Silver Dollar city has over 1,000 Christmas trees, it’s a theme park and that’s different from a regular town. It’s pretty unique to drive throughout Branson and encounter tree after decorative tree. Like your own reflections in a mirror maze, there is no way of escaping the holiday spirit with glimmering trees appearing everywhere you turn. If you can’t be here in 2021, like most things around here, there will be more and more added year after year until the local sparrows finally scream, “we don’t need another fancy condo!”

Play and Make Good Cheer

The Branson area Christmas season is the busiest time of the year these days, and the appeal certainly revolves around the shows and the shopping. Many of the shows convert to a Christmas format before Halloween. (Yes, you can literally buy vampire teeth at the 5 & 10 and then tap your foot to “Jingle Bells” at a matinee and then go trick or treating that evening.) Most of the shows are half regular and half Christmas, but there are a few all-in specialties. If you didn’t think much about the season before, you will certainly be caught up in each two-hour production and each theater’s gift shop decorated and offering shopping specials to compete with the multitude of shopping options strewn about the town. And boy those shopping opportunities are everywhere from the Tanger Mall and the Branson Landing to the little ma-and-pop shops. It is Branson, so there will probably be some singing or picking in those stores to assist with coaxing that credit card out of your wallet to spread the joy of giving.

There’s an old saying coined by the general store owner Available Jones of Li’l Abner comic strip fame: “If we ain’t got it, then you don’t need it.” With that being said, if you can’t find what you need in Branson whether for the spirit of the season with entertainment or to stuff that kid’s stocking, you ain’t looking very hard. Here’s wishing you a very happy and merry holiday season.



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