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Spring has Sprung in the Ozarks

Slowly but surely the colder days in Branson are giving way to the warm and sunny afternoons that most of us here in Missouri are dreaming of.

Quickly gone are the “See you in the spring” signs that many a business had on their doors last month. Gone are the snow piles taking up much needed space at our Branson Landing Promenade parking lots. Gone are the “Closed” days of Silver Dollar City and the extreme rides awaiting the thrill seekers…Gone, Gone, Gone.

So I pose this question to all of you travelers out there…Spinnaker owners, Branson vacationers or anyone that has travelled to the Ozarks during the spring…what would you recommend to someone traveling to Branson for the first time? Email me your thoughts and we’ll post your best advice on our Facebook page.

If you asked me, I would go on record as saying there is nothing more relaxing than a quiet walk on one of our many trails. Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area trail has always been a favorite of my family and mine. My two young sons are always up for a good hike. Chasing squirrels is always more fun than video games… or at least that’s what I try to instill in them. Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area trail offers a few different choices for anyone who elects to see the Ozarks the way they were meant to be seen…from the ground. Located just off the main strip of HWY 76, this trails winds in through the woodlands to reveal a spectacular view way up high overlooking Lake Tanycomo. For avid hikers looking for a healthy dose of cardiovascular activity, this hike can be both spectacular AND challenging, especially if you decide to traverse the steps and climb ten stories down to the river below. I think it’s worth the hike though, as you finally come to a small grotto, secretly hidden away among cliffs, with a magical aura about it.

So I say to you all who are waking from your winter slumber, embrace Branson, hike through the forest and trails and shout, “No More Winter!”

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