Spinnaker Resorts Update Spring 2021 – Ormond Beach



Dear Spinnaker Owners,

It’s been wonderful to see so many returning owners, friends and familiar faces over the past few months! With the lovely temperatures returning this spring, we truly hope to see more of you at one of the beautiful Spinnaker properties that many of you refer to as your “home away from home”! 

The Spinnaker teams are also thrilled to receive support and positive feedback of recent improvements, we love to hear your opinions, so please keep it coming and thank you. I would also like to express our appreciation for your support during these difficult times of the pandemic. Teams at each resort are making every effort to provide a safe and healthy resort environment and we sincerely thank you for supporting these efforts. Together we can make your vacation experience most enjoyable and more importantly, continue for many years to come. 

Get excited! Make your reservations if you haven’t had the opportunity to do so for this year and get ready to enjoy yourselves, unwind, relax, and recharge!

From the Spinnaker Family to your family, here’s wishing you a happy spring and all the joy it has to offer, and we look forward to seeing you soon. 

Alexis Bairstow
Eastern Regional General Manager

Spinnaker Resorts Update Spring 2021 – Ormond Beach

Meet Your General Manager:

Kelly Hancock is the General Manager of Royal Floridian Resort and Royal Floridian South. Kelly has worked in the hospitality industry for 24 years starting at The Islander Beach Resort in New Smyrna Beach, Florida before joining Spinnaker Resorts in 2006. She strives to provide exceptional vacations to our Owners and Guests and is grateful for our team of staff that is equally motivated to make each guest feel like part of the family. After a childhood vacation to Walt Disney World, Kelly moved from New York to Florida where she has continued to spend her spare time at Disney with family and friends. She looks forward to continuing oversight of resort improvements and projects that enhance the vacation experience for our Owners.

Spinnaker Resorts Update Spring 2021 – Ormond Beach

Kelly Hancock

#Spinnaker Cares

The safety of our Owners, Guests and Employees remains our top priority so we are taking every precaution necessary to mitigate the spread of the virus (Covid-19). We focus every day on safety so you can enjoy time away with your loved ones. 

At Spinnaker Resorts, we care about your safety and continually strive to bring you peace of mind while you enjoy your vacation. In these unprecedented times and with the incredible speed at which things have been changing around us, we want to continue to reassure you of our commitment to your safety and wellbeing while vacationing with us.

Learn about all the procedures currently being implemented at Spinnaker Resorts to keep you and your family safe by checking out our Health and Sanitation Plan on the Owner’s website. We hope to see you soon and remember: #SpinnakerCares

Spinnaker Resorts Update Spring 2021 – Ormond Beach
Spinnaker Resorts Update Spring 2021 – Ormond Beach


We encourage all Owners to provide plenty of lead time when booking or banking usage. This ensures that you get the most desirable vacation dates possible. 

To make your reservation, simply complete a Reservation Request Form, found on your Owners’ website under FORMS, email us at [email protected] or call Reservations at (877) 842-3201


Spinnaker Resorts Update Spring 2021 – Ormond Beach

Have you taken advantage of this special ownership perk yet? Owner Bonus Time is for Owners only. You can plan additional last-minute vacations or getaways to your home resort or to another Spinnaker Resort and receive 20 – 50% discount off regular pricing. We make it easy for you to treat yourself to more than your ownership time with these savings.

 Please contact Owner Services/Reservations regarding availability and program details. Look for rates on your Owners’ website under BONUS TIME. Here are booking windows by region:

 Ormond Beach – Developer Owner Bonus Time reservations can be made 30 days or less from arrival

 Hilton Head – Developer Owner Bonus Time reservations can be made 30 days or less from arrival. For fall/winter dates (November through February and excluding holidays), Hilton Head Developer Owner Bonus Time can be booked up to a year in advance

 Branson – Developer Owner Bonus Time reservations can be made 30 days or less from arrival. For fall/winter dates (November through February and excluding holidays), Branson Developer Owner Bonus Time can be booked up to a year in advance


Good news for all owners at the Royal Floridian and Royal Floridian South! 

Tripadvisor recently released its annual Travelers’ Choice Awards list of top 25 beaches in the United States. Ormond Beach has made the list for 2021. “Very nice beach, very close to Daytona, yet a little less crowded. There are plenty of activities and dining choices within walking distance.”  Sea you at the beach! 

Are you in town April 2 or 8? Travis Tritt and The Lacs “Rise and Shine Tour” will be performing live at Destination Daytona.  

Travis Tritt is a popular Southern rock-influenced artist. He continues to stay true and relevant to country music fans across the globe. In addition to many hit singles, he has amassed more than 30 million in career album sales, two Grammys, three CMA Awards and a devoted fan base coast-to-coast.  

Clay Sharpe and Brian King know it better than most. As The Lacs, they take all that they’ve witnessed, roll it up in a unique sound they call “dirt rock” and lay down the truth as they see it. 


With 2020 being an extremely challenging year for both Royal Floridian and Royal Floridian South, Association Resort projects were slowed deliberately in some instances and unfortunately in others! We will continue to move forward with planning between the Southwind Management and your respective Board of Directors in order to make your resorts the best the area has to offer. By your participation and commitment to your HOA the resorts can continue to succeed and offer a fantastic vacation experience. 

The largest setback for Royal Floridian Resort projects has been the “pause” of the villa renovations. As a result of the pandemic, the Board and Management Team were forced to place Phase Four on hold. Two main reasons contributed to the pause. The first being the closure of the resorts April-May due to the pandemic disrupted planned vacations. Rooms blocked for the renovation needed to be released to allow owners to fulfill 2020 usage. Secondly, due to the lack of supplies available and the inability to confirm materials for both constructions and room refurbishments, there was no choice but to pause the renovations. I am pleased to report that Phase Four will move forward at the end of 2021 and into 2022. Phase Four will include villas on the South end of the building on the fourth and third floors. 


Royal Floridian Improvements

 During the annual maintenance week all villas underwent an annual Maintenance inspection and Housekeeping deep clean. Maintenance project includes review of all Fire Safety components, all mechanical and electrical components and overall condition of the rooms. In addition, all villa door locks were replaced with Onity Trillium RFID system. This upgraded lock system is major step forward to in lock technology and security.

 Pool Deck and Parking Garage Repairs

You may notice on the upper deck some discoloration when you visit, some minor concrete repairs will be ongoing each year to address new issues or problems that arise. In 2015 the upper pool deck underwent major repairs, areas that were not repaired (as they were intact and in good condition at the time) are showing some signs of spalling. The Board and Management teams are being vigilant and addressing as troubled areas arise.

Spinnaker Resorts Update Spring 2021 – Ormond Beach
Concrete deck repairs

North Elevation

  • The north elevation of the building was repainted
  • All windows caulked and sealed
  • Treat, paint and seal the North elevation to preserve the building and room interiors
Spinnaker Resorts Update Spring 2021 – Ormond Beach
North elevation receiving some “TLC”!

The Royal Floridian South Board approved replacing all front door jambs and doors during maintenance week 2020. Unfortunately, the ripple effects of pandemic hindered the progress significantly as doors failed to deliver on promised dates. The project was pushed back several weeks and due to the delays in materials we only managed to repair the 5th floor doors entries as villas needed to be released for owner usage. We have now received all doors and this project will resume in December 2021 into 2022.

  • The project will handle the corrosive beachfront environment:
  • Remove metal frames, doors and will be replaced with resin plus fiberglass systems
  • All doors anticipated to be replaced by February 2022
Spinnaker Resorts Update Spring 2021 – Ormond Beach
Spinnaker Resorts Update Spring 2021 – Ormond Beach

Door replacement on 5th floor before (left) and after (right)


Spinnaker Resorts Update Spring 2021 – Ormond Beach

Are you wondering what you can do while at the resorts? We have the activities you love such as Bingo, Putt-Putt Tournament and a shuffleboard tournament. For those who want their morning coffee, it’s back! You can hear the sounds of the ocean while sitting at the Tiki Bar. For more information click on the link below and review the schedule. You may also download the schedule so you can plan your day. 

     •See the Royal Floridian Activities


Spinnaker Resorts Update Spring 2021 – Ormond Beach

Don’t wait…Double Rewards ends March 31! This is your opportunity to earn twice the Spinnaker Rewards Credits for each referral you submit. Just think, if one referral tours and purchases you can use the credits towards a vacation or offset your HOA Fees. 

Don’t know about the Rewards referral program? Have questions about your account or would like to receive a Rewards Guide? Email [email protected] or call us at (888) 809-4054.

Would you like to earn more SRCs (Spinnaker Rewards Credits)? Refer your friends and family and give them the opportunity to learn more about Spinnaker vacations. Remember to allocate your SRCs before they expire! You may allocate them towards future year’s Association Fees if you’ve already covered the current year’s fees.

Look for upcoming Spinnaker Resorts updates to keep you – our Owners – aware of the great developments for your ultimate timeshare vacation. 


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King’s Creek Resort (of Williamsburg, VA) is now part of the Spinnaker family of resorts.

We have listened when many of you have expressed a desire to travel and discover new destinations. Now, through your Ownership, you will be able to access more vacation destinations. Spinnaker now offers you resorts in Hilton Head Island, SC, Branson, MO, Ormond Beach, FL and Williamsburg, VA. These four exceptional destinations all afford rich and varied cultural, historical, and leisure experiences. Beach, island, mountain, lake and river settings all offer natural and beautiful backdrops that enhance these experiences. Spinnaker Resorts and King’s Creek share similar values and always strive to place Owners first. You can be assured that you’ll continue to experience consistent high-quality accommodations, amenities and owner services at all resorts. We are excited to be able to provide you with the opportunity to discover these destinations for new vacation experiences. The integration of our companies is under way and we will share more details with you soon.

Spinnaker Resorts Update Spring 2021 – Ormond Beach

Have you been following us on Facebook? We’ve been sharing exciting news about our addition to the Spinnaker Family, King’s Creek Resort in Williamsburg, VA. Look for King’s Creek Corner posts because more fun things are coming!

Look for upcoming Spinnaker Resorts updates to keep you – our Owners – aware of the great developments for your ultimate timeshare vacation.