Spinnaker Rewards

Spinnaker Rewards

Get the most out of your Spinnaker ownership through Rewards—Spinnaker’s credit based loyalty program.
Discover the valuable ways you can redeem rewards and you’ll want to start earning right away.
Spinnaker tracks and manages your Rewards account – you allocate and benefit.

Referral Program

Refer friends, family, colleagues – people you think would benefit from visiting Spinnaker Resorts and learning more about Spinnaker vacations. When you submit referrals, you will earn Spinnaker Rewards Credits (SRCs) for each activity along the way (you accumulate SRCs for each activity). You could earn a total of 401 SRCs If you refer a friend who tours a Spinnaker Resort and decides to become an Owner.

For example:
Referral Submission = 1 SRC
Referral Tour = 50 SRCs
Referral Purchase = 350 SRCs
Total 401 SRCs

You can then allocate your SRCs toward your Association Fees or redeem them for additional vacations.

How the Owner Referral Program works:
You send your referrals via the form below, or print and fill out the Referral Form (PDF) and mail or fax to us.
We’ll contact your referrals and invite them to visit one of our resorts to learn more. For convenient record-keeping, once you submit your referrals, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing the referrals that you submitted.
You’ll earn Spinnaker Rewards Credits (SRCs) when they come visit and if they decide to become owners.  Everyone benefits!

You must know all referrals you submit.
Please allow 30 days to process your referrals.

Friends And Family

Send your “Friends & Family” this Discount Voucher for use for weekly Rental accommodation and Earn Rewards.

Earn 30 SRCs every time one of your Online Rental Discount Vouchers is redeemed.
Any owner who has over 5 Online Rental Vouchers redeemed within the same calendar year receives double Rewards Credits (SRCs).
For example:
30SRCs X 6 (Online Rental Vouchers) = 180 SRCs
When doubled: 180 x 2 = 360 SRCs

Spinnaker Rewards “Friends & Family” Online Rental Discount

As owners, you can extend discounted rental rates to your friends and family for any Spinnaker Resort in Hilton Head Island, SC; Ormond Beach, FL; or Branson, MO.
Just send them the Online Rental Voucher and your friends can contact our Rental Department and we’ll answer any questions they might have and assist them in booking their vacation.
They can have a fantastic vacation at a discount, and you’ll receive 30 SRCs to allocate toward association fees or additional vacation stays. See the Rewards Rules and Regulations for details.


How to Use:

  1. Send the Online Rental Voucher by clicking the link below, completing the information, and sending. Send Voucher »
  2. Once your friends receive the emailed voucher, they may redeem by emailing or calling Spinnaker Rentals. (The contact information for Hilton Head, Ormond Beach and Branson is printed on the Voucher.) When booking their reservation, they just quote “Friends and Family Online Rental Discount Voucher” program to receive the discounted rental rate.
  3. You will be notified via email of any vacation reservations being made using one of your Online Rental Vouchers.
  4. After your friends check in for their vacation, you will receive confirmation via email and 30 SRCs will be deposited in your Rewards Account.

Contact the Spinnaker Rewards Manager:
Email [email protected]
Phone (888) 809-4054


Terms and Conditions:

These Terms apply to the redemption of the Spinnaker Resort Online Rental Voucher. Only 1 Voucher may be used for 1 rental period. Unit rental is for 1 week (6 nights) only; it does not apply to partial week rental or multi-week rental. Rental Accommodation is based on space available and may be reserved during the current calendar year/ may be booked up to 180 days in advance. The Online Rental Voucher cannot be redeemed in conjunction with another Spinnaker promotional program. Standard Spinnaker Reservation and Cancellation Policies in effect. Contact Spinnaker Rentals for details.

Friends and Family Rental Discount Voucher

Send your "Friends & Family" a Discount Voucher to use for weekly Rental accommodation and earn Spinnaker Rewards Credits.
  • Your / Owner Details
  • Your friend's information

Bring A Friend

Have even more fun on your next vacation by bringing your friends along.

Enjoy vacationing with them and you’ll also receive 50 SRCs.

Email us, or call (800) 504-8823 for more Bring a Friend Program details, for rental availability or to book now.

An enjoyable and economical vacation solution for you and your friends.
If you cherish your Spinnaker Vacations and the only way your vacation could possibly be any better is if you invited your friends along…go ahead and invite them! Whether you want to have your extended family with you, catch up with old friends or have your children’s friends along for additional vacation enjoyment, the Bring a Friend Program provides an economical solution.

Because you’ll want to keep them as friends, you’ll likely want them to have their own accommodation. The Bring a Friend Program allows you to extend the “Owners’ Only” rental discount for weekly accommodation. When planning your next vacation, contact us to request accommodation for your friends for your designated vacation week, and we’ll work to accommodate them.

Aside from the enjoyment from vacationing with your friends, you’ll receive 50 SRCs in your Rewards Account.

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