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Make the most of your Vacation Ownership

Spinnaker Rewards

Get the most out of your Spinnaker ownership through Rewards—Spinnaker's credit based loyalty program.
Discover the valuable ways you can redeem rewards and you'll want to start earning right away.
Spinnaker tracks and manages your Rewards account - you allocate and benefit.

At Spinnaker Resorts we help you pay your ownership expenses and earn more vacations!

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Three ways to earn Spinnaker Rewards Credits

  1. Submit referrals
  2. Add on to your vacation
  3. Rent a Spinnaker condominium or by staying at S.R Hotel


Enjoy Rewards by redeeming your SRCs

  1. Pay your Association Fee
  2. Take an additional vacation or getaway—at a Spinnaker resort or through an affiliated exchange partner



  1. Friends are your best referrals as you share similar lifestyle and vacation needs—we don't accept phone book or directory submissions!
  2. If you plan to allocate SRCs toward your Association Fee, submit referrals before October 31st to ensure timely processing.


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