Dear Owners,

Our goal is for everyone to have their best vacation experiences possible. In addition to the ongoing efforts of your Management Company, the best possible vacations are realized when all Owners treat their resort and fellow Owners with respect. Understanding and adhering to your resort’s Rules and Regulations will help ensure that all Owners are able to enjoy their resort for many years to come.

We’d like to take this time to remind all new and existing Owners of your resorts’ Rules and Regulations. For your convenience, we have included a list of general Resort Rules and Regulations (that apply to all resorts) below. As these are general Resort Rules and Regulations only, we recommend you familiarize yourselves with your resort-specific Rules and Regulations prior to your resort stays. These can be found in the Quick Reference Guides on your Owner’s website under RESOURCES.


Check In and Check Out:

Check In: 4:00 p.m.
Check Out: 10:00 a.m.
You must be at least 21 years of age to check in, no exceptions. To check in your name must be on the reservation.
Late check-out and early check-in are not permitted.
If time permits upon check out, please:
• Load dishwasher and start it
• Remove all food and trash from unit
• Place “We Have Departed” note on the door
• Leave key cards on the kitchen counter
• Take all personal belongings with you
• Dial 0 from your in-room phone to inform the Front Desk that you are vacating the unit

Debit/Credit Cards Authorization:

Debit/Credit cards will be authorized upon check in to cover the amount of your stay plus incidentals. The authorization will hold funds until check out at with time the actual amount incurred during the stay will be charged. Authorized amounts may take up to 30 days after departure to be released by your bank or financial institution and the Resort will not be responsible for any resulting fees or charges.

Maximum Occupancy:

Occupancy of the units is limited to:
• Two (2) people for a Small Studio
• Four (4) people for a Large Studio
• Four (4) people for a One (1)Bedroom
• Six (6) people for a Two (2) Bedroom
• Eight (8) people for a Three (3) Bedroom
Use of all facilities and amenities are included with occupancy of a unit.


It is requested that all guests exercise safety and safeguard your valuables while on property.

Common Courtesy:

Please be courteous of your fellow vacationer.
There is a quiet curfew between the hours of 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. No occupant, their children or guests will permit any noises that will disturb or annoy the occupants of the other units or interfere in any way with the rights, comforts, and convenience of the other occupants.
Each occupant shall keep his unit in a clean and sanitary condition.

No Pet Policy:

No animals are allowed in any of the units except for those defined as “service animals” by the American Disabilities Act. Paperwork will be requested upon check-in. A mandatory charge of $150 per day will be levied for violation and the animal must be removed. If there is evidence found of an animal or pet in the unit, you will be asked to remove the pet immediately and a $150 cleaning fee/penalty/charge will be applied per day until the animal or pet is removed. Owners (and Guests) are encouraged to report violations. The Declarant (or its management company) has the right to ask any and all violators to leave if they do not cooperate.

No Smoking Policy:

All Spinnaker resorts are smoke-free facilities. There is no smoking of any type, including e-cigarettes in the vacation units, on the balconies, on the pool decks or in any public space not designated as a smoking location. All resorts have designated smoking locations. Violations of the smoking policy will result in a $150 cleaning fee/penalty/charge.
Exception: Smoking is permitted on the villa balconies at The Royal Floridian.

Baggage Carts:

Baggage carts are not to be reserved and/or kept in units.

Unit Exteriors/Balconies:

Articles are not to be hung on balconies. No article shall be hung or shaken from the doors, windows, or balconies, or placed upon the window sills of the unit. (This includes beach towels, blankets, swim suits, and swimming floats.) Barbeque grills are not permitted on balconies or on walkways.

Unit Interiors and Housekeeping:

All units have a starter kit which is meant to tide you over until you can get to a grocery store. Mid-week housekeeping cleans are not included in your stay however are available upon request for a charge. There is no towel exchange program.
All occupants are responsible for any damage or theft of unit contents.

Pool Use:

All pools have no lifeguard.
All children must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 12 are not permitted in the spa/hot tub.
Climbing on pool water features is not permitted.
Swim diapers are required for all non-potty trained children. A $200 HOA fine will be levied if pool contamination results from improperly dressed children.
Resort pool hours must be adhered to. Outdoor pool hours follow dawn and dusk seasonally and are posted on-site. Indoor pool hours are subject to Activity Center Hours.
No floats are permitted in pool unless sanctioned by Resort Activities staff (small transparent floats). Swimming aids (life jackets, water wings) are permitted.
Pools chairs cannot be reserved. Management has the right to remove personal belongings if attempts are made to reserve pool chairs.

Sport Courts, Tennis Court and Pool Decks:

Skateboards, roller blades and bicycles are not permitted on sport courts, tennis courts or pool decks.
Management has the right to ask guest to exit amenity.

Fitness/Exercise Room Use:

Age restrictions apply. Resort hours and specific rules must be adhered to.


Do not harass or feed wildlife.
• Please note that feeding alligators is against the law in South Carolina. A fine of at least $500 will be levied against those caught. We encourage you to report offenders to our Property Management/Security Office.
• Please adhere to all Turtle Nesting Laws.


You are responsible for compliance with all relevant regulations applicable to the resort during your stay. If, in the opinion of Resort Management, your behavior is disruptive or causing distress, injury or danger to other resort guests, our staff or any other third party, your reservation may be terminated and we shall not be responsible for any costs or claims that are incurred. Owners will be held responsible for actions of their Guests and their children. Children are permitted to play only in designated play areas. No solicitation is permitted on resort property. Garbage and recycling are to be deposited only in the designated areas provided.

No Weapons:

Possession and use of any kind of weapon intended to intimidate or harm others is strictly prohibited on resort property.

Right of Entry:

Resort Management and associates may enter the dwelling unit at any reasonable hour of the day except in the case of emergency, entry will be made by pre-arrangement with the Owner or Guest. Management reserves the right to enter a guest unit, without consent, in the event of an emergency in order to address maintenance issues that may be affecting one of more guest units or the resort property.


The Resort is not responsible for theft or damage to guest vehicle(s) or contents. For your safety, please pay extra attention to height restrictions posted at garage entrances. Parking space is limited so please park only in designated parking spots. The parking facilities shall be used in accordance with Resort management rules. No vehicle which cannot operate on its own power shall remain on the Subdivision premises for more than twenty-four (24) hours, and no repair of vehicles shall be made on the Condominium premises. Motor homes, any type of trailer or motorcycle trailer are not allowed on resort property.