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Refreshing Ways to Have Fun at the Beach

If you are headed to Hilton Head Island or Ormond Beach this summer on a Spinnaker vacation, then I can assume you’ll be lathering on sunscreen, donning your bathing suit and setting foot (barefoot!) on the sand at some point during your vacation! There are some obvious activities to keep you occupied while on the beach but how about some creative ideas to give variety? Next vacation, try out some of these!

  1. Sand castle building contest – Bring out your inner architect and design! Maybe a moat or a village surrounding your castle?
  2. While in the sand-building frame of mind, it’s time to try your hand at sand sculpture! Bring an animal, a face, a car or cartoon or video game character to life on the sand.
  3. Combine your artistic self with miles and miles of sandy canvas and draw, draw, draw! The woody, hollow spartinas make for perfect drawing sticks.
  4. Write declarations of love, witticism and captions for photography.
  5. Photos! Well, of course photos but why not take it a step farther and create depth illusion, funny photo sessions or family portraits with the sand dunes or ocean for a backdrop. Or capture the landscape!
  6. Scour the beach for different kinds of sea shells. While searching, you may happen upon a shark tooth or two!
  7. Smashball – truly a fun game! Basically ping pong with the sandy ground instead of a table and a line drawn in the sand as the net.
  8. Skimboard – these boards can be bought at almost any store that sells sunblock, sand pail and shovels and beach towels. Run along the edge of the water and jump on the board skimming the water.
  9. Bodysurf – you can use a small bodyboard or simply dive into a wave as it breaks pointing your arms and hands forward in the curvature of a board’s shape. Ride the waves in!
  10. Soccer/volleyball/frisbee/flag football – get out there and pump up endorphins while having fun in the sand!
  11. Do you and your friends enjoy reading the same books? Why not bring one to the beach and discuss its pages together?
  12. Surf fishing – you’ll need a shoreline or recreational license. South Carolina has a 14-day license for $11. Florida’s fee is more pricey and will run $17 for 3-day or $30 for 7-days which will work for surf fishing from shore or fishing from a pier or boat.
  13. Scavenger hunt – create your own hunt and send two teams or more in quest of the items on your list!

Between the 13 items listed here and the basics of walking, bicycling, swimming, reading and laying in the sun, you’ve got absolutely no reason to be bored while at the beach! The surroundings themselves demand your attention as the beauty of sand and sea and sky can take your breath away!

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