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Plan a Healthy Vacation

Plan Ahead For Fitness When Planning Vacation

The phone calls arranging your travel plans, the packing, the planes, trains and automobiles! Oh my! Sometimes trying to get away on vacation can be more work than the work or routine we’re trying to vacate. However, once all has been put in place and beautiful resorts, sandy shores, gorgeous sunsets and no cooking or cleaning await, it’s all worth it. Once you’ve arrived, ready to play and free for at least a week, trying to fit in your workout around so many things to do and see can become an afterthought, but exercising diligently can also add so much to your time away from your normal routine.

Making sure you make room for exercise, even while on vacation, allows for a richer experience. More energy during your daytime playtime and more a restful night’s sleep is far more likely when you do prioritize at least 30-60 minutes of exercise 2-4 days a week during your vacation. So how do you incorporate healthy habits on vacation, when most people blow the diet and blow off their workouts?

Plan ahead and determine to make wise, healthy choices in advance.

Find out about the workout facilities before you book a room. Ask if group fitness classes are offered at your Spinnaker Location. If so, inquire about where you can find the class schedule prior arrival (webpage, etc.) and choose a few classes to attend. Staying on Hilton Head Island? Check out The Fitness Center for group classes and individual workouts. Put some of those times or other 30-60 minute windows in your calendar and set reminders. Go check out the fitness facility upon check in and be sure you know their hours. Personally, I feel the best vacation workouts are unrushed. Trying to squeeze in my own training time around training my clients or after a long day of work is much tougher than after a relaxing morning followed by a fun-filled evening in a vacation environment. Make the most of having no clocks to punch or schedules to keep by enjoying an unhurried time of getting those endorphins pumping! You’ll have more energy for all the exploration and excursions throughout the rest of your day. Even a shorter workout right before dinner can prove to be a great way to get more out of your stay and keep the metabolism moving in the right direction.

Making wise eating choices can be tough on vacation especially, but purposing in your mind, in advance, to cook or order healthy at least 5 days a week, then giving yourself permission to indulge on dessert or a dish with heavier sauces 2 days out of seven, can be a big help too. Eating high fat foods or entrees that are laden with heavy sauces weigh you down in more ways than one. If your vacation includes the sun and sand, lying out at the beach in high temps can drain you enough, so don’t compound that issue by eating poorly. Drink lots of water and pack protein drinks and / or cheese and fruit in your cooler instead of alcohol, high fructose drinks or junk food. Going out of town and partaking in new experiences, including new foods, can be half the fun, but remember your body will thank you for making wise choices and your activities will prove to be more fruitful if you properly fuel your system.

A beautiful bonus can include an evening stroll on the beach or around the shops and area parks. Instead of strolling slowly, take the pace up a notch and save the actual shopping for after you’ve sustained continuous movement for at least 20 minutes. After your walk, then go back to stop and buy that brilliant beachwear or the great gift for the grandkids you saw in passing.

In short, planning for fitness and making wise dietary selections is as important as planning the other details of your time away. Vacate your work routine, not your health, on your next grand adventure!


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