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Ormond Beach Souvenirs

It’s always a rewarding adventure to find one-of-a-kind keepsakes when on vacation.  Come to Ormond Beach and you’ll find it overrun with souvenir shops that sell generic Florida beachy “junk”.  Towels, t-shirts, shell jewelry, shot glasses and hermit crabs…Come on down! 

Even our local drugstore around the corner sells plenty of souvenirs. If you’re like me, you’re interested in finding an item that is a true treasure to remind you of your vacation at Ormond Beach. Despite Ormond being the “Birthplace of Speed”, you actually have to go to Daytona to find racing souvenirs. So, my suggestions are based on the area more than Ormond Beach specifically.

Here are a few locations to find just that:

We’ll start in Daytona for racing souvenirs since this piece of Ormond Beach’s history (being the Birthplace of Speed) is quite unique. At the Daytona International Speedway, there’s a souvenir shop you can go to without actually going in to the track or museum on-site.  Additionally, the drivers, vendors and sponsors all operate souvenir trucks that you can shop both before and during a race event.  They are situated outside the track entrance so that anyone can access them.  There are just shy of umm… a gazillion of these trucks during a race event so you can’t miss them!  This would be where the bulk of racing souvenirs are purchased.  So even if you come up short on funds for Daytona International Speedway race tickets, you can still take home a fun memento from it!

The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse has a small, but really unique gift shop. You can shop without paying for entry to the lighthouse or museum. For many years, the lighthouse grounds have been the home of a black and white cat named Nelly.  I don’t recall how many years Nelly has been living there, but long enough that there have been several different Nellys.  The ones who’ve passed on are buried on-site in a pet cemetery.  The store sells Nelly items that are quirky keepsakes that you most definitely will not find at the corner tourist shop or drugstore!  People really do get a kick out of it, especially if they get to meet and interact with Nelly.  So put the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse on your “To Do” list and say hello to Nelly for me!

Angell and Phelps is a fiercely popular local chocolate factory that, in addition to the store itself, offers a free tour and has a small café. My family always picks up a little something for out-of-town family when they come to visit. Whether it’s for you, your family or your closest friend back home that has a serious sweet tooth, stop in Angell and Phelps! You won’t be disappointed.

Have you heard of Magic Milk? We have a vendor that sets up on our pool deck at the Royal Floridian that sells it.  Basically, owners and guests can create their own souvenir using this product made of sand that can be molded.  Different items are then added to make it unique to you.

If interested in venturing out a little further, St. Augustine is a great option for uncommon treasures and inexhaustible shopping choices! St. Augustine is only about 45 minutes from your Ormond Beach Spinnaker Resort locations, so it’s an easy drive. The city of St. Augustine is in Northeast Florida and is the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement and port in the continental United States. San Agustín was founded in September 1565 by a Spanish admiral. Since the late 19th century, its rich history has made it a major tourist attraction. It is definitely worth visiting St. Augustine to learn about its historical significance and also enjoy the beautiful setting.

Always remember you can ask me or anyone working your front desk in Ormond Beach for souvenir recommendations.  We are your location experts and we’re here to help make your vacation memorable.  Ask away!

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