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Learn About The Titanic’s Ill-fated 1912 Maiden Voyage

They’ve built a ship-shaped permanent, interactive Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Mo. Everyone knows the name Titanic. Everyone knows that Titanic hit an iceberg. Everyone knows that Titanic was lost. But there is so much more to her story. Discover the stories of the passengers and crew who sailed Titanic, as their crew and interactive galleries bring them to life. This is more than just a museum; it’s a permanent, interactive attraction for all ages.

The RMS (Royal Mail Ship) Titanic was the British passenger liner built in Belfast Ireland that hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage during its 1912 transatlantic crossing from Southampton, UK to New York City, USA. It was built to be the largest Olympic class vessel to date and was designed to uphold the highest standards of luxury and its passengers included some of the wealthiest people from Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. Despite boarding approximately 3,547 people (passengers and crew), it contained only 20 lifeboats each having a capacity for 65 people per boat – or a total of 1300 people.

This attraction is both intriguing and emotionally moving as you venture through the replica vessel. Your journey begins with the receipt of a boarding pass and bio of a passenger. It concludes at the memorial wall where it is revealed if this passenger survived the voyage or not. Winding through the museum you will encounter crew members in period garb who help tell the tale as well as interactive displays. Submerging your hand in 28 degree water drives home how uncomfortable the conditions were that passengers had to endure.

Each year, special events are planned for the iconic ship. In commemoration of the 10 dogs that were aboard the ship, you can scratch the ear of a glamorously groomed King Charles Spaniel accompanied by a crew member. Or be awestruck by the special exhibit of the actual violin belonging to the band leader, Wallace Hartley, who played up until the very end – until the doomed ship went down.

There is no need to wait for a special event when on any given day, you may climb the exact replica of the grand staircase or touch a real iceberg; experience how both the upper class and working poor travelled as you catch of glimpse of the living quarters; sit in a life boat or stand on the sloping decks. It is easy to see why the Titanic Museum has become one of Branson’s most popular museum attractions.

The Titanic Museum receives plenty of attention in Branson and not just as a permanent museum. The ship is a landmark for locals to guide visitors. Most directions given to guests include “go past” or “turn next to” the Titanic on the famous Hwy 76 strip. Centrally located on the main stretch of the strip, all heads turn to it as the horn bellows at high noon, and with its webcam perched atop its mast, you can check traffic flow via the internet to know when to avoid that part of the infamously trafficked strip.

Discount tickets for the Titanic Museum are available by visiting the ticket offices at the Palace View by Spinnaker and French Quarter Resorts in Branson or by calling (888) 470-5725.

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