Refer friends, family, colleagues – people you think would benefit from visiting Spinnaker Resorts and learning more about Spinnaker vacations. When you submit referrals, you will earn Spinnaker Rewards Credits (SRCs) for each activity along the way (you accumulate SRCs for each activity). You could earn a total of 401 SRCs If you refer a friend who tours a Spinnaker Resort and decides to become an Owner.

You can then allocate your SRCs toward your Association Fees or redeem them for additional vacations.

How the Owner Referral Program works:
You send your referrals via the form below. We’ll contact your referrals and invite them to visit one of our resorts to learn more. For convenient record-keeping, once you submit your referrals, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing the referrals that you submitted. You’ll earn Spinnaker Rewards Credits (SRCs) when they come visit and if they decide to become owners. Everyone benefits!

You must know all referrals you submit.
Please allow 30 days to process your referrals.