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Hilton Head Island Trivia Fun

I have mentioned in blogs past that I am a Hilton Head Island native. My father believed in educating me in the rich area history as well as the cultural and ecological makeup of the island. Did you know for instance, that Tybee Island, Georgia can be seen from the south end of Hilton Head Island’s shore or that the 12 foot tall bronze Neptune sundial located in Shelter Cove Marina is the world’s largest figurative sundial? It’s even in the Guinness Book of World Records folks!

I thought it would be fun to put forth some Hilton Head Island trivia for you to try your hand at. I had fun coming up with these questions! I hope you have fun giving us your best shot at answering them. Maybe you’re asking yourself – “What’s in it for me?” Well…the FIRST perfect scores win. We will feature a photo and short Q & A with the two winners on our Facebook page. There is one extra credit question that will make up for one wrong trivia answer. If you already score a perfect 12, then the extra credit is just the cherry on top. No added points in that case. So let’s see what you’ve got!

Jot down your answers, and then respond with your answers as a comment to the blog link posted on our Facebook, Google + page or if not a social media sort- then just email me. I’ll post the answers once you all have given me some good shots at the answers! Have fun! You might even learn something pretty cool in the process.  

1. What is the name of the person Hilton Head Island is named after?
2. Hilton Head became an important base of operations and blockade location for which side during the Civil War? Confederate or Union forces?
3. Hilton Head Island is located less than an hour from the border of what other state?
4. What language dialect unique to the sea islands is still spoken by some slave descendants on Hilton Head Island? (Hint: Also the name of the people who spoke the dialect.)
5. The town located on the mainland across the bridge from Hilton Head Island is named ____________________.
6. What iconic symbol of Hilton Head Island stands 90 feet tall and is red and white?
7. Name one popular sport fish located off the waters of Hilton Head.
8. What major car show is held late fall on Hilton Head?
9. What endangered species nests on the beaches of Hilton Head Island?
10. Hilton Head Island is the second largest ___________ ___________ on the Eastern Seaboard. (Hint: This helps protect the mainland from Mother Nature.)
Extra credit – Name the largest.
11. Name one of the Hilton Head Island marinas with wet slips and dry storage.
12. What is the state tree of South Carolina?

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