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Dazzling Holiday Displays Light Up the Island

What’s Christmas without the glorious glow of twinkling white, red, green, and blue lights wrapped around houses, trees and shapes?   On Hilton Head, there is the stunning image at Christmas time of the iconic Harbour Town Lighthouse aglow with lights.  Last Sunday night, I took my husband and nine-year old son to see first-hand some of the Hilton Head locations known for their holiday light displays during December.

We set out first for the Hilton Head Fire Station #3 mid-island.  Word of mouth from the past couple of years suggested this was a “must-see” when one cruises the island for holiday lights.  Upon arrival, there was a sign that guided the public to a drive-around display that wound behind and around the station.  Mechanical bears wiggled their furry bodies surrounded by bright foil presents framed by white string lights; a jolly Santa in his wooden sleigh was towed by wooden reindeer; white lit reindeer grazed the ground and tree trunks, rooftop, bushes and more were illuminated by string lights, including the pathway. As we exited, there was a handmade sign inviting us to “Like” the Hilton Head Firefighters Christmas Lights Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hhilights


After visiting the fire station’s grand lights, we drove to Sea Pines to stop in one of the most celebrated tourist destinations on Hilton Head.  During Christmastime, the Harbour Town lighthouse is an elegant white-lit outline that leaves its 93-foot tall silhouette a bold beauty from afar. 

We walked around the marina enjoying the quiet night.  The sun was setting fast with the sky ablaze in pinks and blues that morphed into crimson and midnight blue.  What a magnificent backdrop for the holiday adorned Harbour Town Lighthouse!

Last on our list of holiday light destinations was Dove Street.  I wanted to see what had become of this Hilton Head Christmas tradition, going strong for almost twenty years. In years past, Dove Street became a luminous wonderland of lights strung into a canopy above both sides of the street, wrapped around majestic oaks arcing over the street, while yards and homes were covered in thousands of tiny brilliant bulbs.  Visitors to Dove Street always left in wonderment at the vast resident-created display. 

Officially the Dove Street Lights had gone dark in 2010, so I was curious to see what of the tradition continued.  We were the only car on the street, so we coasted, windows down, with my son hanging out the back seat enjoying the twinkling colors against the dark of night.  Rows of blue lights dangled from up high down to the ground, and blinked on-and-off with a mesmerizing slow speed.  Up above us, a few colored strings of lights draped across the street in honor of the old traditional fashion.  A tree trunk was wrapped in white lights with the green of the Palmetto aglow in green lights, a reindeer stood by in spotlights, and one or two other figures festively sparkled. 

A bit of the Spirit of Dove Street was still alive!

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