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Happy Thanksgiving From Ormond Beach

Dear Owners and Guests,

From your Southwind Management team and Spinnaker Resorts in Florida, we would like to wish you a warm and special Thanksgiving. We’d like to express to you our sincere appreciation for your confidence, friendship and loyalty. We are so blessed to see the same wonderful personalities year in and year out, sharing memorable stories and opening their hearts to us.

This year has been challenging but successful! It goes without saying that the impact of Hurricane Matthew was heavily felt by Spinnaker Resorts and all our loyal owners and guests. Our properties suffered damages and disruption to operations but were very quick to bounce back and recover due to the tremendous efforts by all staff members. It is with great thanks and relief that no one was harmed during the storm and nearly all the loyal employees suffered minimal or no damage to their homes. Seeing the aftermath, we were all so blessed that we did not experience more serious damages. Owner support on our Royal Floridian Facebook page and the many kind gestures of gratitude was sincerely appreciated. It warmed our hearts that so many of you were concerned for our well-being and your home away from home… For these reasons we are so thankful!

It is with warmest regards and utmost respect to all of you who make up the Spinnaker Resorts, Royal Floridian and Royal Floridian South family that we say – Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!


Alexis Bairstow
Regional General Manager


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