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Haint Paint, Ocean Water and the South Carolina Flag

I’ve pulled an old writer’s trick out of the hat. Topic is my favorite color. This color also ties in terrific with Spinnaker Resorts and Hilton Head Island too! 

Yes, blue is my favorite color. It’s the hue of my eyes, unique in my family. My lone sibling and both parents have brown eyes. I love royal blue, blue-gray, turquoise blue, denim blue, baby blue and navy blue. Blue is the color of tranquility. It’s the color of the ocean as it crashes ashore. The sky is blue on a hot summer day. The state flag of South Carolina flies bold in indigo. Blue is also how I feel when too many days lapse since I’ve walked beside the ocean’s edge. See below my “blue” findings on Hilton Head Island. What are yours?

Atlantic blue crab sidling along a dock

blue crab

Blue beach dress up fun

little girl blue dress on beach

Haint blue bottle tree at the Coastal Discovery Museum catch sun rays

honey horn

Harbour Town checkered and striped nautical flags lining the pier

harbour town pier

Great blue heron wading the local shallow waters

great blue heron hilton head

Well worn blue surfboard of a happy Fuel Ride Shop SUP surf camp attendee

stand up paddleboard girl surfboard

The Little House, the appropriately painted blue Gullah Museum of Hilton Head Island 

the gullah museum

Blue kayaks of Bluewater Resort and Marina touring the quiet waters

man kayaking broad creek

Haint blue color from a house built by a former slave in 1870 – blue doors and shutters to keep the “haints” or evil spirits out

haint blue gullah door hilton head


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