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End of The Year Musings

2014 is nearing its final day. 2015 lies in wait with the glitter and glam of New Year’s celebrations, resolutions and the promise of a new beginning. What more opportune time than now to post a more personal blog of reflection.

This marks the close of my fourth year back at Spinnaker Resorts. This has been my first year serving the company as Online Community Coordinator working with the social mediums and blogging. I’ve had the privilege of developing a connection with you the reader and have enjoyed the interactions on Facebook and other social platforms.

Y’all – as we say here in the south – have taught me lessons about what vacation means to you through your comments, your shares and the photos you sent us for the 2014 Photos on Facebook Spinnaker Rewards contest.

Here are a few things I’ve learned about the vacation experience, be it Hilton Head Island, SC, Branson, Missouri or Ormond Beach, Florida:

• The sun going down or rising up is one of the most beautiful sights to inhale mentally.
• We all need time away from the daily grind to recharge our internal batteries.
• Family time is a precious gift.
• Making memories with close friends is best when accompanied by laughter, good food, a camera and new experiences.
• We start to countdown the days till vacation far in advance!
• Even when the next vacation hasn’t been booked yet, we find escape in daydreaming of the next one.
• We all love to find those local haunts to notate for next visit be it a restaurant, watering hole, theatre, boardwalk or nature trail.
• Sharing our vacation adventures via Facebook, Instagram, email, printed pictures from the nearest Kiosk, or postcard is a fun form we use to give our friends and family a taste of our trip experience.
• We inevitably wish there was one more day of vacation when it comes time to pack and head home!

Both the experiences that you’ve shared with me on Spinnaker Resorts’ social media as well as the 2014 Photos on Facebook Spinnaker Rewards photo contest give me a sense that I’ve walked a snippet of your own 2014 vacation journey with you. Whether it was to Hilton Head Island, Ormond Beach or Branson – I, like you, love to travel! I caught the “bug” early on in life. Whether or not I actually find the time and finances to travel, I love to travel. The adventure, discovery, inspiration and calories – bring them on!

So as we close out 2014, I’m thankful for being privy to a glimpse of your vacation with us at Spinnaker Resorts as well as our mutual passion for travel. What we share creates a bond for me with each of you. I’m eager to see where 2015 will take us by road, by airplane or via virtual travel thanks to social media and the internet. I’ll see you on the other side of 2014!

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