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DIY Vacation Memories

Do you still flip through the yellowing pages of photo albums from vacations past? Show the grandkids their own parents as children on vacation? My son enjoys seeing photos of my brother and I as children – jumping the tall sand dunes of Amelia Island or standing in a field of cherry trees in Zermatt staring up at the awe-inspiring snowcapped Swiss alps.

The digital age often sees us storing our vacation memories on a thumb drive or an online photo album. While easily accessible, they lack the tactile nostalgia of flipping through glossy vellum covered pages. Don’t fret! There still are fun do-it-yourself ways to record your vacation memories that your children, grandchildren and yes, you can enjoy for years to come.

Technology provides us with nifty new features that can be used in creating these lasting memories. A favorite I’ve heard of but not tried yet is this – Print out a travel map following your trip’s route using Google Maps. Frame an enlarged image of this map route, print a photo (or photos) that corresponds with the route. Be as creative as you can! There are so many variations here you can do! You can connect it drawing a line with string or anything really. Or you could use paperclips, metal clips or clothespins to hang the photos. Or perhaps a thumbtack to pin the photos on the map location.

Have you ever taken the beach home with you in a small container? When I left the cozy comfort of Hilton Head Island for college days, I scooped up some island sand. It accompanied me my freshman year to college in Tennessee. Real, tangible sand when the heart and mind long to be back with toes dug in the sand, sun beating down listening to the waves and seagulls? Here’s a creative keepsake using sand! If you’re a vacationer of different beach locations – this is perfect! Take a mason jar and fill it a couple inches with beach sand at Vacation #1. Label with the beach location outside of the glass in front of the sand collected. Next, at Beach Vacation #2 collect more sand. Repeat. This will be a great collection to keep adding to! Be creative. Separate each different beach location with a layer of seashells or separate the layers with a decoration on the outside of the jar.

Did you ever enjoy receiving post cards from friends and family’s travels? Just because we increasingly turned to email, text and online messaging to stay connected, why stop collecting vacation postcards? Postcards highlight the hotspots and landmarks of your current trip destination. Collect a few postcards at different stops along the way. Favorite landmarks whether a science museum, dinner show or theme park are perfect! Link up the postcard picks with your top vacation memories. I leave it in your capable hands to find a fun way to display them!

Another similar collection idea that is more in tune with nature would be collecting seashells, rocks, petrified wood, flowers and whatever else you wish to collect from mother earth during your holiday. You can label the rocks or shells with the vacation spot that it first called home. What a splendid vacation collection you can show grandchildren years later that they can touch and feel!

Collections can be tailored to each individual and what each person likes to collect. I collected material patches on family vacations as I was growning up. My mother would sew them my jean jacket. I loved seeing the number of patches and locations grow. Stickers, teaspoons, baseball caps, figurines, bookmarks, coffeetable books, … there an endless variety of items you could collect on vacation! 

The long-established memory keepers of handwritten travel journals and photo albums shouldn’t be forgotten! For a travel journal, browse online or local bookstore for a journal with blank pages. There are so many fun ones – leather bound, spiral, hardback, and paperback with plain covers or beautiful artwork. You pick! You want to find one you’ll enjoy writing in. You can also affix photographs, postcards or other mementos to your journal.

Photo albums have evolved with so many options available now. You have the traditional album with slip-in pockets or sticky pages or you can make an artistic scrapbook masterpiece. That depends on your level of commitment to the project! One popular and affordable choice is for you to design your own photo album online. Drugstores even have same day pickup service available! There’s continually a special deal running on at least one of the leading web-based photo sharing and photo printing services online. Snapfish, Shutterfly, Adoramapix, Mpix, Cosco and iPhoto are several leaders that come to my mind. You input your photos using their layout choices and voila!

I hope I’ve supplied you with some variety of ways to treasure your vacation memories for many years to come. Drop me a line via email or comment on the social media blog link with your method to preserve vacation memories.

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