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Being Brought up on the Island – My Tribute to Fathers

Father’s Day is just around the bend! Why not devote a blog to the fathers among our Hilton Head Island vacationers? If devoting a blog to fathers, I must pay tribute to my own father who I champion for finding the balance between work and family with there never being doubt in my mind that we came first.

He walked my brother and me across the road in Sea Pines to the beach on starlit nights to count the constellations and see the undisturbed turtle nests. We learned the value of marsh grass, sea oats and sand dunes. We combed uninhabited sea islands off of the Hilton Head shore for Indian pottery, arrowheads and English settlers’ artifacts. We piled in a wooden canoe and paddled through the Sea Pines Preserve learning about plant species, avian and reptilian residents, and hearing old stories of when he, my mother and their two dogs plotted out the original Forest Preserve paths that would later be trod by visitors’ feet for many years. We climbed the lighthouse counting the steps as we went, ate ice cream in the rocking chairs as we counted the yachts in the harbor, and sang with Gregg Russell under the Liberty Oak on sticky summer nights. Now as I raise my son in the Lowcountry, my father takes my boy on these adventures. How fortunate I am!

So if you are a father who enjoys our island’s lure, remember there’s so much here that you can enjoy with your children! Hilton Head is a fantastic place to build long-lasting memories that will stay stored in your children’s minds and hearts. Holding chubby little fingers and lifting your little one up and over the waves as he or she giggles with glee as the salt spray splashes… posing together under King Neptune’s larger than life statue… reeling in a wriggling fish together while standing on the dock in the baking sun… chowing down on local cuisine as a musician strums the guitar and sings your favorite beach tunes… or simply sitting on the porch of your vacation condo reminiscing over past memories made.

Hilton Head Island can be a place to be on-the-go nonstop with an itinerary guaranteed to both excite and exhaust OR it can be a place to stop the pace of the daily grind and recharge. Either way, I know the island is a world-class destination that I am proud to call my native home. I built so many memories here with my father, and I still get to build memories here with my father as he builds them also with his grandson – my child. So for Father’s Day, I wish you – the dads out there – a fantastic day with your family whether your children are young or grown.

The lessons we’ve learned over the years from our fathers are not forgotten. Just like us mothers, I’m sure you wish some things had been done different, but so is the course of life. Life is a journey of twists and turns and unforeseen obstacles. And to each of you, cherish the important males in your life! Hug them tight, call them and tell them what they mean to you or do something special this Father’s Day to let them know you appreciate them. If you do happen to be on Hilton Head Island this year or an upcoming year for Father’s Day, build a vacation memory that can be looked back on for years to come told while sitting on the porch looking out over Spanish moss covered trees lit by the Lowcountry moon.

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