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Beating The Summer Heat on Hilton Head

Don’t worry about ways to stay cool during a Hilton Head summer. There are always fun things to do to stay cool in the hottest of weather!

I bet you can guess the most popular way (besides staying indoors in the air conditioning!) What is #1 on the list? Jump in the ocean or a local pool and submerse yourself. It’s an instant way to cool off, relax and remind you—this is vacation! With twelve miles of beach and ocean waters welcoming you and pools available to all Spinnaker Resort vacationers, you won’t find a lack of refreshing water available!

Secondly, stay hydrated! If you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Just keep fluids handy always! Actually, no, don’t just keep them handy, but keep drinking those fluids–water, water and more water! That will help you maintain a cooler body temperature and stay hydrated and ready to keep enjoying all the Hilton Head activities! The humidity and heat can dehydrate you, sapping your energy faster than you realize.

Have you seen those super popular “Frog Toggs” that are sold in a plastic tube and look similar to the absorption towels you buy for drying the car? Different brands make them but they have become quite the trend among young athletes and others. All you have to do is wet the towel (not soak it) then squeeze out any excess water, and wrap it around your neck for instant cooling satisfaction. The cooling effect last longer than an ordinary towel, and will not drip. When needed, just apply a little more cold water and enjoy!

There are many exciting indoor spots that you can duck into to beat the heat. I am certain you will find these just as relaxing a vacation stop as the outdoor adventures like the beach and exploring our bicycle paths.

For the women (and men), we have award-winning spas for a pampering spa package or a la carte services with an equally tranquil environment provided. Hilton Head Island and the off-island Tanger Outlets I and II offer fantastic shops to suit any taste and budget. I, along with many locals, prefer the Outlets since you can’t beat the prices for such well-known brands.

If you are looking for unique gifts we have boutiques and gift shops for “finds” that your friends back home will appreciate. Or you can stop in an eclectic shop full of one-of-a-kind keepsakes, be it home décor or gift ideas to take home. While there, remember the clerk behind the counter is a local who can help you with inquiries about new restaurants to try or scenic stops not found on “See this, stop here” typical published lists. Remember, they have knowledge of all things local, so don’t hesitate to ask them! There are also arcades, bowling alleys, theaters, cinemas, and indoor playgrounds, etc. to delight your troupe for a few hours.

If you still wish to enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer, let’s look for ways to keep you cool in the humid heat that Mother Nature brings us on Hilton Head in the summertime.

Are you kid-free and looking to beat the heat while still enjoying the scenic beauty and people- watching guilty pleasure of the beach? Why not stop in an outdoor beach bar for a refreshing frozen daiquiri or piña colada? Remember there are no alcoholic beverages allowed on the beach itself, so pick a spot close to the beach to relax where you can still enjoy the sights and sounds while cooling off with an adult beverage (or two…). We won’t tell! It is your vacation after all. 😉 Enjoy however you like!

For a day trip to a water park with the kids, head to Summer Waves on Jekyll Island which is about an hour and a half drive. It’s not just for kids, you’ll love it too! There are water slides, a lazy river and a wave pool all can enjoy! I have been with my family, and I enjoyed absolutely every minute of it. It’s definitely a great day excursion that won’t leave you with heat exhaustion!

We’re sure you can find ways to stay cool on Hilton Head even in our humid, hot summers! Even I keep these tips handy as I’ve had to adjust to the humid summers since my childhood. Air conditioning is wonderful if staying indoors but there is so much to do on Hilton Head Island out of doors. I don’t want you to miss out on a single fun memory-making moment! Remember, the Front Desk and Recreation staff is also equipped and ready to help guide you with advice while you are vacationing. We can’t wait to see you for your summer vacation! Stay cool and enjoy!

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