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Beach or Branson? Regional Managers Square Off

Lexi: “So Scott, why on earth would anyone considering traveling to Branson over Ormond Beach for their Vacation experience? I just don’t see what could possibly beat white soft sands, rolling waves, bristling palm trees and a pool deck practically on the beach”?

Scott: “Lexi, Lexi, Lexi, on one-hand you are correct. An Ormond Beach vacation experience is about simply ONE THING, the beach! Although lovely, with all of the niceties you mention associated with a beach destination, staying in Ormond is so one dimensional, beach, beach, beach. Compare this to vacationing in America’s favorite Midwest destination Branson, MO and the Ozarks. Within a 1-day drive from over 50% of the country, Branson is first of all a very convenient drive to destination. Layer on top of the location convenience, world-class live stage show musical and theatrical entertainment, world-wide award winning theme park attractions, family-fun and friendly activities, historical museum attractions, adrenaline junkie zip lines and thrill rides, traditional and ethnic restaurants and eateries, outdoor adventure including hiking, biking, climbing, golf, boating, fishing, diving, and not to be forgotten, our very own Moonshine Beach (it is the Ozarks after all). That is correct; we have it all in Branson, including the beach. Well, Mr. Lexi, what are you going to do to top all of what beautiful Branson and Ozarks have to offer?”

Lexi: “Well my fellow peer, Branson does have a lot more to offer than I would ever have thought! Respectfully, I am going to have to disagree about Ormond Beach being about one type of vacation experience! Did you know that we recently renovated our entire upper deck and installed a beautiful new miniature golf course, state of the art basketball court system and outdoor chess set located right by the Tiki Bar and overlooking the OCEAN? And if you want to leave our beautiful Spinnaker properties, for a day or a few hours, you have incredible family fun options within an hour or so drive. The amazing Kennedy Space Center is a quick 45-minute drive to Cape Canaveral! Disney, Epcot, Krayola experience, Aquatica, Wet ‘n Wild water parks and Sea World are all just over one hour away. Locally we have the Daytona Lagoon water park minutes away with arcade and movie theatre amenities; we have the beautiful Ponce Inlet area with an abundance of warm weather activities such as surfing, fishing, jet skiing, dolphin tours and eco tours. If you are looking for some history and beautiful architecture or additional great dining experiences outside of Ormond, the oldest U.S. town of St. Augustine is only a 45-minute oceanfront drive. These are just a few of the great options so close to the resort! Oh, and one key point, Ormond Beach is free of snow and ice 365 days a year which makes vacationing to Sunny Ormond Beach a year round option. Did I also mention that I have seen right whales in the ocean from the balconies of our OCEANFRONT rooms? Not sure how Branson can beat this kind of experience?”

Scott: “Okay, I may have to concede to some degree that Ormond, and the Daytona-Orlando area do have some world-class vacation experience options. Based on my own personal experience, you were remiss in not mentioning North Florida’s fresh seafood available for those of us desiring a catch-of-day grouper sandwich when in Ormond (Snack Jacks)! But, I must still contend that Branson, with our scant area population, and our open outdoor natural areas including the Mark Twain National Forest, White River Balds, Hercules Glades, Dogwood Canyon, and nearby Buffalo National River provide for low cost, back to nature peaceful serene getaways that are hard to find elsewhere. I agree with you, that Ormond and the Royal Floridian Resort are about as good as it gets when the ocean, beach, amusement parks, and space travel are what a vacationer is seeking. But for those looking for a day’s drive from Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Chicago, Indianapolis, Nashville, Atlanta, Tuscaloosa, Pensacola, Jackson, or New Orleans, Branson is the mid-America destination of choice. We may have to agree that we both are quite fortunate to share with our current and future guests and resort owners two different, yet incredible destination options. Both worthy or anyone’s travel time and vacation experience and memories. Naturally, I am a bit biased regarding our Missouri and Ozarks hospitality and vacation experience options, but I would never discourage anyone from making their toes-in-the-sand travel choice to visit Ormond. My friend, you have almost got me convinced to pack-up today and head your way. Hope to see you soon!”

Lexi: “Well Scott, I think we should let the fortunate Owners who have or can travel to both destinations decide! What we can agree on is that there is certainly no shortage of fun activities to do or exciting places to experience while enjoying the luxury accommodations we provide. Cheers for now but I bet that the next time we meet it will be at the sunny beach side destination!”

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