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10 + Reasons Kayaking Should Be on Your Vacation Agenda

So you haven’t stepped foot in a kayak yet? Do you stand on shore wistfully watching or perhaps peering from the condo window wondering what’s it like?

What’s keeping you from trying it out on vacation?

Here are some enticing reasons why you should step off the shore and into a kayak this time on vacation:

  • Most recreational kayakers have little to no experience when they start out.
  • Kayaks were originally designed and still are designed for requiring easy, swift movements across the water using little effort.
  • The design of a kayak makes it perfect for navigating calm or rough waterways.
  • Take the family or go solo –  it’ll be a great experience either way!
  • A group kayak ride is a social, fun way to meet new people.
  • The kayak let’s you enjoy the water at your own pace.
  • You’ll be closer to the ocean water without being dunked in it!
  • Kayaking is a great workout for your arms (and the rest of your body) without having to go to the gym.
  • Besides the muscle workout, a kayak ride is cardio exercise that you can actually enjoy!
  • There’s an excitement that comes with being so close to nature – slicing through the water with your kayak paddle.
  • There isn’t a better view of the sun coming up over the water than on the water itself.
  • You never know when you’ll spot a fish jumping, a dolphin or manatee swimming by or a coastal fishing bird swoop down to scoop up its prey.
  • Sea mammals like dolphin are very aware of their surroundings with no intention of disrupting a kayak, so don’t worry!
  • You can kayak whether you’re of an ideal weight, overweight or underweight! The key is balance not weight.
  • Kayaking can be as calming or adventurous as you want it to be – use it to de-stress or invigorate.
  • The salt in the air, the mist of the water and the sounds of coastal nature keep you focused on the present, clearing the mind. 

Have I convinced you yet? If you’re on the fence with the notion, there are 2-seater kayaks! Check with your Hilton Head Front Desk and Activities staff while on vacation to see what options are available to try your hand at kayaking. If staying at Bluewater Resort & Marina, there are 1-seater and 2-seater kayaks on property. If staying in Shipyard Plantation or Waterside by Spinnaker, we highly recommend the experienced Live Oac guided kayak tours. If looking to rent a kayak on vacation, Outside Hilton Head has 1-seater, 2-seater and special fishing kayaks available. In the meantime, do you live near a lake, river or coastal area? If so, you probably have kayak opportunities near you! Why not start paddling across the water on your home turf while you count down the days till vacation? Whether you seize the chance at home or on vacation, just give it a try. Afterwards, why not drop me an email and tell me what you like best about kayaking!

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